Organic Chemistry Revision Series for JEE, NEET, Class 11 and 12

Revise complete organic chemistry on eSaral YouTube Channel. Get everything you are looking for JEE and NEET Preparation in this Organic Chemistry Revision Series by Prateek Gupta Sir (IIT-BOMBAY). Here you will get to know about important reaction mechanisms and all the important concepts that are very important to solve conceptual problems that will come in main Exam.

These revision Videos also covers some tricks and tips to solve Multiple Choice questions of JEE & NEET in less time.

Class XI & XII

TOPIC Revision Videos Mind Maps
General Organic Chemistry Revise Mindmap
Acidic and Basic Strength Revise Mindmap
Hydrocarbons Revise Mindmap
Optical Isomerism Revise Mindmap
Haloalkane & Haloarenes Revise Mindmap
Alcohol, Phenol and Ethers Revise Mindmap
Carbonyl Compounds Revise Mindmap
Aldol, Cannizzaro and Haloform Reaction Revise Mindmap
Name Reaction Revise Mindmap
Oxidation Reaction Revise Mindmap
Reduction Reaction Revise Mindmap
Carboxylic Acid Revise Mindmap
Nitrogen Containing Compounds Revise Mindmap
Bio-molecules Revise Mindmap
Polymers Revise Mindmap
Chemistry in Everyday Life Revise Mindmap
Atomic Structure Revise Mindmap
Chemical Bonding Revise Mindmap
Periodic Table Revise Mindmap

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