Classify the following based on number

Classify the following based on number of chambers in their heart : Rohu, Scolidon, Salamander, Flying Lizard, King Cobra, Crocodile, Ostrich, Pigeon, Bat, Whale.


1. Rohu. 2-Chambered.

2. Scoliodon. 2-chambered

3. Frog. 3-chambered

4. Salamander. 3-chambered

5. Flying Lizard. Incompletely 4-chambered.

6. King Cobra. Incompletely 4-chambered.

7. Crocodile. 4-chambered

8. Ostrich. 4-chambered

9. Pigeon. 4-chambered

10. Bat. 4-chambered

11. Whale. 4-chambered.


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