Solve the following :

A small heavy block is attached to the lower end of a light rod of length I which can be rotated about its clamped upper end. What minimum horizontal velocity should the block be given so that it moves in a complete vertical circle?


Minimum velocity at $A=v$

Minimum velocity at $B=0$

By law of conservation of energy

${ }^{\frac{1}{2}} m v^{2}=m g(2 l)$

$v=2 \sqrt{g l}$


Solve the following

Of the species, $\mathrm{NO}, \mathrm{NO}^{+}, \mathrm{NO}^{2+}$ and $\mathrm{NO}$, the one with minimum bond strength is :

  1. $\mathrm{NO}^{+}$

  2. NO

  3. $\mathrm{NO}^{2+}$

  4. $\mathrm{NO}^{-}$

Correct Option: , 4


Molecular orbital configuration for $\mathrm{NO}$ is

Bond strength is directly proportional to the bond order, so $\mathrm{NO}^{-}$has minimum bond strength.


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