Solve this following

Two newspapers $\mathrm{A}$ and $\mathrm{B}$ are published in a city. It is known that $25 \%$ of the city populations reads A and $20 \%$ reads B while $8 \%$ reads both A and B. Further, $30 \%$ of those who read A but not B look into advertisements and $40 \%$ of those who read $\mathrm{B}$ but not $\mathrm{A}$ also look into advertisements, while $50 \%$ of those who read both A and B look into advertisements. Then the percentage of the population who look into advertisement is :-

  1. $12.8$

  2. $13.5$

  3. $13.9$

  4. 13

Correct Option: , 3




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