s block Elements Class 11 Important Questions with Answers
s block Elements Class 11 Important Questions with Answers

Get s-block elements important questions with detailed answers for class 11 exams preparation. View the Important Question bank for Class 11 and class 12 Chemistry complete syllabus. These important questions and answers will play significant role in clearing concepts of Chemistry class 11. This question bank is designed keeping NCERT in mind and the questions are updated with respect to upcoming Board exams. You will get here all the important questions for class 11 chemistry chapters.

Learn the concepts of s block elements and other topics of chemistry class 11 and 12 syllabus with these important questions and answers along with the notes developed by experienced faculty.

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Very Short Answer (1 Mark)

(i) Lipidolite $(L i . N a . K)_{2} A l_{2}\left(S i O_{3}\right)_{3} \cdot F(O H)$

(ii) Spodumene $L i A I S i_{2} O_{3}$

(iii) Amblygonite $\operatorname{LiAl}\left(P O_{4}\right) F$


[Polymeric structure of $\left.B e C l_{2}\right]$ in solid state