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What is total internal reflection of light - Physics - eSaral

Hey, do you want to know What is a total internal reflection of light? If yes. Then you are at the right place. Total internal Reflection In case of refraction of light, from Snell’s law, we have $\mu_{1} \sin \mathrm{i}=\mu_{2} \sin \mathrm{r}$......(1) If the light is passing from denser to the rarer medium through a plane boundary then$\mu_{1}=\mu_{\mathrm{D}}$ and $\mu_{2}=\mu_{\mathrm{R}}$ so with $\mu=\left(\mu_{\mathrm{D}} / \mu_{\mathrm{R}}\right)$ $\sin \mathrm{i}=\frac{\mu_{\mathrm{R}}...

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