What are physical quantities and What are the Types of physical quantities
What are physical quantities? and What are the Types of physical quantities?

What are Physical Quantities

Those quantities which can describe the laws of physics and possible to measure are called physical quantities. A physical quantity is that which can be measured.


(1) There are also some physical quantities that are not completely specified even by magnitude, unit, and Direction. These physical quantities are called tensors. eg. moment of Inertia.

(2) Physical quantity = Numerical value $\mathrm{x}$ unit

Types of physical quantities

The physical quantities which do not depend upon other quantities are called fundamental quantities. In the M.K.S. system the fundamental quantities are mass, length, and time.

In a standard International (S.I.) system the Fundamental quantities are mass, length, time, temperature, illuminating power (or luminous intensity), current, and amount of substance.

Types of physical quantities

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