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Delbert Simonas

Store Owner

When you think of Apple you automatically think expensive if your anything like me. When purchasing this laptop I was skeptical on laptops i purchased.

Tikoh Amin

Salon Owner

I’ve wanted a MacBook for a while now because of the build quality and the simplicity of the OS. I spend an average 6 hours a day using it for college and the battery still has a fair.

Malachi Lensing

Marketing Manager

This MacBook has excellent processing speed. The screen is crystal clear and I really enjoy the touchbar. I set up the fingerprint reader.

Christian Isla

Android Developer

For the last 10 years, I have owned an old Gateway laptop. Although it was amazing and lasted me, it was time for an upgrade. I own an Apple phone so I decided to look into a computer.

Lori Charles

Sales manager