Prateek Gupta Sir

eSaral Chemistry Faculty

πŸŽ“ Education

βš™ Experience

πŸ‘‰ 5+ years of KOTA teaching

πŸ‘‰ Mentored 1,00,000+ Students

βš™ Superpowers
πŸ‘‰ Online Visualization Expert
πŸ‘‰ Youth Motivator

Prateek Gupta is the Cofounder & Director of eSaral. He is B.Tech from IIT Bombay in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Sciences. He is a hardcore lawn tennis enthusiast and was the captain of IIT Bombay team. He left his PPO (Pre-placement offer) and started working on several ideas directly after college to accomplish the company’s mission. He wants to invigorate a child's curiosity and love for learning. He teaches Chemistry at eSaral. Prateek has a strong belief that learning is effective only when related to practical life applications, he has incorporated his learnings of IITB Metallurgy in chemistry lectures. Along with this he also looks after overall development, engagement and student care.

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