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JEE Main 2019 Advanced Question Paper with Solutions - Free PDF

JEE Mains & Advanced

JEE ADVANCED QUESTION PAPER 2019:  After qualifying the IIT JEE MAINS, now candidates are allowed to sit in JEE ADVANCED examination. The JEE advanced 2019 was held on May 27th, this exam was conducted by IIT Roorkee. IIT JEE advance has 2 papers, paper 1 and paper 2. Paper 1 was conducted in the morning shift from 9:00 am to 12 pm whereas paper 2 was conducted from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm as we noticed that this exam pattern was similar to 2018. Each paper has 3 subjects: physics, chemistry and math. Some of the candidates who appeared in this exam found that Physics (section 1) was relatively tougher than Mathematics, while some confirmed that Mathematics was tougher than the other two subjects. But Chemistry was the simplest of all three as few of the questions were based directly out of the NCERT Chemistry books. 

2019 JEE advanced PAPER 1: Difficulty of paper 1 was moderate. Math was difficult as usual but Physics was on moderate level and chemistry was the easiest part.

2019 JEE advanced PAPER 2:  Paper 2 was easier than paper 1. In paper 2 the section was toughest and lengthy and physics was lengthy too. On another note chemistry was again easiest.

JEE Advanced 2019 Question Paper with Solution PDF Download Free

JEE Advanced 2019 Question Paper - 1 (PDF) Question Paper - 2 (PDF)
Physics Download PDF Download PDF
Chemistry  Download PDF Download PDF
Maths  Download PDF Download PDF

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper

JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper

What candidates can do in free time:

1. Students can use this time for revision and review their topics. Candidates can go through their notes, textbooks, or online resources to strengthen their understanding of key concepts and topics.
2. Another rich use of free time is practicing mock tests or solving sample papers.

3. Candidates can utilize this break to engage in self-care activities that promote relaxation and well-being. Taking short walks outdoors, practicing mindfulness or meditation techniques, or taking a short nap helps candidates to think better and focus better during paper 2. And candidates should stay hydrated during exams.

In conclusion, making effective use of free time between paper 1 and paper 2 can greatly benefit candidates preparing for the next paper. Whether it's revising concepts, practicing mock tests, engaging in self-care activities.

JEE ADVANCED EXAM PATTERN AND QUESTION TYPES:  The mode of this paper was CBT mode i.e. computer based test. Duration of both papers was 3 hours long. There was various question type in IIT JEE advanced like multiple choice questions i.e. MCQs, Numerical problems, comprehension, list match sets. IIT JEE advanced conducts exams in two languages Hindi and English. Candidates can choose their language based on their preference. There is no certain exam pattern for IIT JEE advanced. Every year the number of questions varies and adds to the element of surprise. By practicing these solved question papers you can know the pattern of the exam.

JEE ADVANCED QUESTION PAPER WITH SOLUTION IN PDF FORMAT: On this website you will get the IIT JEE advanced question paper with solution in PDFs format. The best way to score well and improve rank is to solve JEE advanced question papers, for that you can use IIT JEE advance 2019 question papers. Every candidate should practice the IIT JEE advanced 2019 question papers tasks regularly if they want to do well on their exam. Once a student has solved the JEE advanced 2019 exam questions, they will get an idea of the most common questions that may be repeated each year. If candidates want to solve the IIT JEE advance 2019 question paper, they can download them from our website in PDF format (with solutions). Esaral offers JEE advanced paper 1 and paper 2 solutions. These solutions are available in pdf form and it can be downloaded for free.  Our experts provide JEE advanced 2019 last year question papers in downloadable links to make it easier for all the students to access them.


1.Understanding the Exam Pattern: By solving the JEE advanced 2019 questions paper students may know the exam pattern, formats of the questions  and weightage of the examination. It can help reduce exam fear and anxiety. And boost confidence during exams.

2.To Understand Question Types: Solving JEE Advanced 2019 papers can be very challenging and may require a thorough understanding of the concepts. By advanced 2019, the students can get exposure to various types of questions and can therefore identify the areas where they need improvement. This practice will help them in developing effective strategies and tackling numerous type of question after actual exam.

3. Confidence boost –Solving JEE advanced 2019 question paper will boost confidence mentally. On our website we provide jee advanced 2019 question papers with solutions pdf in such an easy way which can help students to understand solutions better.

4. Increase problem solving capabilities - By working on JEE advanced 2019, the students can greatly enhance their problem solving capabilities as they are solving the real exam questions

5.Rank improvement due to enhanced speed and accuracy - Solving JEE advanced question paper 2019  papers will help the JEE aspirants to manage time, speed and accuracy, and by working on the speed and accuracy, candidates can improve their rank in the JEE Advanced exam.

6.Help in evaluating strengths and weaknesses – Regular practice solving  of JEE advanced 2019 question papers will facilitate the candidates to know their strengths and weaknesses, and they can work on them accordingly.

7.Relief from examination anxiety - Solving IIT JEE advanced 2019 question paper gives exam like feeling to the students, which helps in reducing the anxiety before the exam.

All in all, one can easily understand that having the JEE advance 2019 questions paper along with the solutions in one place is going to be very helpful in the preparation of the IIT JEE advanced examination, as it can facilitate the students in effective practice, identifying areas of improvement, getting accustomed to the exam pattern and boosting confidence.


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