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JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper with Solutions - PDF Download

JEE Mains & Advanced
JEE  Advanced 2022 Question Paper with Solutions - PDF Download

The JEE adv 2022 paper is provided on our page. JEE Advanced 2022 question paper was held by IIT Bombay on August 28, 2022. JEE Advanced 2022 had two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 was in the morning shift from  9 AM to 12 Noon and paper 2 was in the noon shift from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Our expert teachers at esaral prepared the solutions for the JEE Advanced 2022 question paper. You can check the accurate answers for the JEE Advanced 2022 question paper 1 and 2. Our experts always refer to the JEE Advanced 2022 question paper to understand the type of questions asked, the exam pattern, and the difficulty level of the JEE Advanced exam. You can access the paper 1 and paper 2 question papers of Maths, Chemistry and Physics here.

JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper with Solution PDF Download Free

JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper - 1 (PDF) Question Paper - 2 (PDF)
Physics Download PDF Download PDF
Chemistry  Download PDF Download PDF
Maths  Download PDF Download PDF

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper

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Solving the JEE Advanced 2022 question papers will help JEE you to figure out your weaker topics and thus boost your  preparation. You can also attempt the JEE Advanced mock test to know the real exam pattern. In addition. 

JEE Advanced Exam pattern 2022

Mentioned  below is JEE Advanced 2022 exam pattern



Mode of the examination

Computer-based examination

Medium of the examination 

English and Hindi

Number of papers

Two compulsory papers: Paper 1 and paper 2

Total Time duration

3 hours for each paper and 4 hours for PwD candidates

Number section

Both papers include 3 sections

Paper 1

  • Math

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

Paper 2

  • Math

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

Number of questions 

54 (18 question in each subjects)

Marking Scheme

This exam has a concept of full, partial and zero marks.

JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper PDFs

The JEE Advanced  question paper 2022 and its solutions are available in the form of PDFs on our page. You can Freely download all three subjects Physics, chemistry and Math 2022 questions with solutions from this page.

JEE Advanced Physics Paper

JEE Advanced Question paper 2022 Physics Paper 1 with solution

JEE Advanced Question paper 2022 Physics Paper 2 with solution

JEE Advanced Chemistry Paper

JEE Advanced Question Paper 2022 Chemistry Paper 1 with solution

JEE Advanced Question Paper 2022 Chemistry Paper 2 with solution

JEE Advanced Math Paper

JEE Advanced Question Paper 2022 Math Paper 1 with solution

JEE Advanced Question Paper 2022 Math Paper 2  with solution

Our experts strongly suggested  the JEE advanced enthusiasts to go through the JEE advanced 2022 question paper with solutions as it can help you to boost their confidence and improve their ranks. 

JEE Advanced Last Year Question Papers with Solutions

Last year question papers are the best tool idea for any exam. Students are recommended to practice the JEE Advanced last year question papers to boost their exam preparation. This will also help them to enhance their speed of solving numerical problems. Just click the following links to get previous years’ question paper PDFs with solutions.

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 Benefits of Solving JEE Advanced 2021 Question Paper

1. Familiarity with Exam Pattern

By solving the JEE advanced 2022 question paper, you can become friendly with the pattern of the exam formats of the questions and the full structure of the JEE Advanced exam which can help in reducing anxiety and boosting confidence during the main exam.

2. To Understand Question Types

Solving the JEE Advanced 2022 question papers can be very difficult and may require a thorough understanding of the concepts. By advanced 2022 pyq, you can get exposure to various patterns of questions and you can identify the areas where you need to improve. This practice will help you to develop effective strategies and tackling numerous type of question after actual exam.

3. Time Management Skills

We all know that the JEE Advanced, like any other competitive  examination is a time-bound examination and time management is utmost important for getting success in this exam. By solving the JEE advanced 2022 paper you can practice with the time allocation for all the sections and questions, which can help in developing a sense of pacing. It will also help you in completing the examination within the stipulated time frame.

4. Knowing Strengths and Weaknesses

Solving IIT JEE advanced 2022 tasks will help you assess your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses in subjects and related topics. Solving JEE advanced 2022 pyq will allow you to focus your efforts on areas that need improvement, helping to optimize your study plan.

5. Refining Speed and Accuracy

The JEE advanced exam requires both speed and accuracy in solving difficult problems. By regularly solving the JEE advanced tasks, young JEE enthusiasts can improve their problem-solving skills, calculations, and reasoning ability. With continuous and serious practice, they can significantly increase their speed while maintaining one hundred percent accuracy, which is crucial for doing well on the JEE exam.

6. Solid Revision and Concept Augmentation

Revisiting the JEE advanced 2022 paper helps in reinforcing the concepts and chapters which candidates have studied during their preparation. It provides a good chance to apply precise knowledge in a genuine exam-like framework, which can help in retaining the accurate concepts. So, it is very clear that the revision brings back a better understanding of the concepts and retains them for a longer time.

7. Foreseeing Trends

By solving the 2022 JEE advanced paper, you can identify trends in the topics, weightage and question patterns on the chapters. This analysis can lead to the preparation strategy and can help in prioritizing the important topics/chapters in your upcoming JEE advanced exam.

8. Uplifting Confidence

Solving JEE Advanced 2022 questions paper uplift the confidence of the students and also provides a sense of achievement to them. When you solve more papers then you gain confidence in your potential, which positively impacts your overall performance in the JEE advanced exam.

JEE Advanced 2022 Preparation Tips

General Tips for JEE Advanced Preparation

  • Start your preparation as soon as possible early to complete your syllabus on time.

  • Make a clear understanding of basic and advanced concepts.

  • Solve last year's questions paper and you should also give mock tests regularly to improve understanding.

  • Taking breaks and relaxing is the main factor of your exam, it will help you to focus more and maintain good health and mental stability.

JEE Advanced Preparation for Mathematics

  • Practice regularly to improve mathematical problem-solving skills.

  • Understand the basic concepts clearly before attempting any questions or problems.

  • Remember formulas associated with problems and solve many problems in the same pattern.

  • Avoid spending too much time on a single type of problem.

  • Regular practice can help you to create shortcut methods and save time.

  • Taking mock test for JEE Advanced can help to find area for improvement. 

 JEE Advanced Preparation for Physics

  • Thoroughly read  NCERT physics textbooks to clear your basics..

  • Make sticky notes of important basics, equations or formulae.

  • Solve 3-4 problems daily in each topic to create shortcut methods.

  • Solve problems from different textbooks to cover different topics.

  • Take mock tests for IIT JEE Advanced to improve and identify areas for improvement.

JEE Advanced Preparation for Chemistry

  • Practice tremendously to excel in chemistry.

  • Solve problems from various books along with NCERT books.

  • Understand basic concepts and apply them to solve numerical problems.

  • Make notes of important points from each topic.

  • Regular practice of chemical equations and numerical problems make you strengthen your  concepts.

  • Take mock tests to improve your performance and identify areas for improvement.


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