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JEE Main 2020 Question Paper with Solutions - PDF Download

JEE Mains & Advanced

The JEE Main 2020 exam took place in two sessions. The first session happened before the pandemic, while the second session took place amid the pandemic. However, the National Testing Agency (NTA) ensured that students were safe during the exams and could take them with enthusiasm.

The engineering students' excitement remained high even during the pandemic, and they wholeheartedly supported and cooperated during the exams. JEE Main and JEE Advance are essential exams for them as they offer a chance to explore new opportunities by entering prestigious institutions like IITs, NITs, IIITs, etc., where they can gain practical and theoretical knowledge.

JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper

Here are some more details about the exam: The first session took place from 06 January 2020 to 09 January 2020, with two shifts each day. The second session occurred from 02 September 2020 to 06 September 2020. The timings for the first shift were from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, and for the second shift, it was from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. The entrance exam consisted of three papers, namely B.E./B.Tech.

Students' overall analysis indicated that the maths section of the first paper of JEE Main B.Arch was challenging. Those who appeared for the afternoon slot of JEE Main Paper 1 reported that the overall paper's difficulty level was moderate, with chemistry being the easiest section. The majority of the questions were related to organic chemistry and numerical physics, and many of them were based on topics covered in NCERT books.

Below are the link(PDF) provided for the JEE Main question papers:-


Question paper

JEE Main 2020 question paper - Session 1


7th January 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

7th January 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

8th January 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

8th January 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

9th January 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

9th January 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

JEE Main 2020 question paper - Session 2


2nd Sep 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

2nd Sep 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

3rd Sep 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

3rd Sep 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

4th Sep 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

4th Sep 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

5th Sep 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

5th Sep 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

6th Sep 2020- Shift 1

Maths Physics Chemistry

6th Sep 2020- Shift 2

Maths Physics Chemistry

JEE Main- Benefits Of Solving Previous Year Question Papers

There are many benefits one gets by solving the previous year's question papers. Firstly students can analyze the type of questions that are asked in exams based on which they can decide the importance of each chapter, they can ascertain the exam pattern, and it helps them to create an effective study plan.

Some more benefits of solving JEE Main previous year Question papers are listed below:

  •  It Gives You The Horse Sense About Your Strength and Weakness:
    By solving previous year's question papers students practice the strategy like which question to choose and solve first, and which question to attend later on. Also, it helps them to segregate the level of the exam i.e., easy, moderate, or difficult. It helps them to focus on the parts which require more hard work and efficiency. Which in turn helps them to revise their preparations.
  • Improves Your Time Management:
    Time is one of the most important factors to crack any exam. By going through the previous year's Question paper students practice how to use their time judiciously to attempt the whole paper in an efficient way and in the given time frame. Hence it helps in ameliorating their time management skills.
  • Enhances Speed and Accuracy:
    By solving previous year's question papers students can improve their speed and accuracy and in the meantime, they evolve new short tricks which are very helpful in solving physics and Mathematics problems, principally numerical problems.
  • Practice Makes a Man Perfect:
    As they say, Repeatedly doing something makes you an expert. So by solving previous question papers, you get to know how your preparations are going and prepare you to deal with uncertainty faced during exams without any stress. So that you can handle the exam pressure easily. 
  • Effective Strategy Planning :
    Using previous year's question papers helps you manage your time, improves self-confidence, and helps in planning strategies. A properly tailored study plan helps you to fill in the gap of competency and knowledge gap that arises during preparations. It helps you to focus on topics that you find difficult while answering the previous year's questions. It in turn helps you to develop strategies for further studies and preparations.

JEE Main Paper Solving Strategy – Tips to Solve JEE Paper

  • Stay Calm Before the Paper: You need to ease up before the exam begins. In the examination hall if you feel highly strung, take a deep breath if possible, and do some meditation. Always remember whatever you do, give your best.
  • Read the Instructions Carefully: Students are advised to read the instructions carefully. This will help them to fill in basic details, and how to select, review and submit the answers in the given time.
  • Solve the Paper Like a Test: In the examination hall, there is a feeling of anxiety, pressure to do well, etc., to overcome this feeling students should treat exams like a practice test to reduce their anxiety level and solve the paper without any pressure.
  • Attempt the Easier Question First: When you question pa[er take a quick look at the paper without going into details and start the question paper from the section which seems quite easy in approach. This will help you to save time for more complex questions. Moreover, if you start solving the difficult question or section first it will result in wasting your time and leads to disappointment which in turn lose your confidence.
  • Don’t Forget About Time Management: This is the most important strategy students should focus on and cover all the sections without engaging more time on solving one section only. The student should allocate their time to each section and solve accordingly.
  • Decide Quickly Whether You Can Answer or Not: Students are required to judge their capability that the given question can be solved in an estimated time or not. If not then they should move on to the next question so that they can cover and attempt the whole question paper.
  • Don’t Panic and Stay Positive: One day before the exam take 7-8 hrs sleep. So that you stay active and concentrate on the exam even in tough circumstances. Students should remain positive during exams.