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NCERT Books Class 10 PDF

Class 10

NCERT Class 10 books are important study material for students. They are a treasure of knowledge for students. Covering all subjects- English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Studies, and many more. Today the best part is that it is available online in PDF form and can be accessed from anywhere, you just need to have an internet connection. They can study from desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones. Wherever you find it convenient.

In case, You feel like you don’t want to download these PDFs, you can read them online. Next time when you want to study you can directly go to the page where you left. Isn't it super comfy? Such facilities and many more are provided by our eSaral website. The NCERT books for class 10 are provided for free. It can be downloaded in PDF form. So there is no need to panic If you don’t have a physical copy of the book.

One more thing our eSaral website offers you can find this book in English and Hindi language. So, If you find any difficulty in understanding the concepts due to language barriers, then you switch to Hindi or English language or vice versa. CBSE has come a long way to achieve its goal of providing quality education to students across the country at minimal cost. Students can now download the books in their preferred language with ease. 

These books are not only for studying but also come with various exercises, illustrations, and many more to enhance students' problem-solving skills. This way they can face the exams without any fear. By solving these questions given in NCERT books for class 10 you can test your knowledge and improve your skills. NCERT class 10 books apart from regular subjects provide additional subjects like Environmental studies, and Moral values, hence, imparting modern education following the traditional approach. These books aim to provide holistic education to students.

If you are a student of class 10 then make sure to make the most of NCERT books available. To come out with flying colors NCERT books are the best companion throughout your journey. Trust me you will not regret it afterwards. 

We also provide NCERT Solution Class 10 NCERT  books. The link is shared below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi

NCERT Book for Class 10 Maths

NCERT book for class 10 maths is the best study material if students aspire to score good marks in Maths subject. It is a great resource for understanding concepts easily. This book offers the best experience in terms of explanations, diagrammatic representations, etc. This book covers the whole syllabus precisely.

Maths NCERT books for class 10 not only help students in acing the board exams but also help them in competitive exams. Experts have curated them carefully providing accurate examples with proper explanations on all topics covered in the syllabus. You can easily download it in PDF format for free from eSaral, making it accessible to everyone. This book contains questions that will help you build a strong foundation in Maths.

NCERT Maths books for class 10 are written in very simple and easy language that one can understand. Students exercise to solve and the class NCERT Maths book fulfills their expectations by providing various exercise in the middle and at the end of the chapter to help them grasp the concepts and improves their problem-solving skills. It’s a practice if you solve previous year's question papers and sample question papers to keep yourself aware of the exam pattern to avoid panics when something out of the box comes in question papers. 

NCERT Book for Class 10 Science

Class 10 is the big year for students as they are likely to appear for their first board exams. Class 10 is the building block for future studies of students. Science NCERT books for class 10 are very helpful for students to dive into all the topics covered in the syllabus to do well in board exams. Experts have curated these books, explaining each concept in detail following the Class 10 CBSE Science syllabus.

Students use the NCERT book for Class 10 Science to study and prepare for those important board exams. What's cool about these textbooks is that they take complex formulas and methods and explain them more simply, so students can understand them better. So, the NCERT Books for Class 10 Science are like a secret weapon to help students reach their goals and succeed in their studies.

NCERT Book for Class 10 English

NCERT English Class 10 book is super useful for students in improving their reading and writing skills. They help in developing a strong foundation. It is developed by experts who know what students need to study according to the CBSE syllabus. With the class 10 textbooks, students understand the concepts with clarity and have a better understanding. All chapters are explained in simple language. At the time of the final exam students should study from NCERT books, it gives you the right guidance.

Most of the questions of the class 10 English subject are best in the NCERT English class 10 textbook. So it's like having all the answers in advance. Students are advised to read chapters carefully and solve questions at the end of the chapters. They should be well aware of the gist of the chapter. Being a class 10 student you should understand the importance of NCERT class 10 books. This book guides you in attaining good marks. You can download it from our eSaral website in PDF form in Hindi and English language as per your choice.

NCERT Book for Class 10 Social Science

The NCERT book for class 10 Social Science is like a treasure for students who are preparing for their board exams. Social Science is all about understanding humans, their culture, How they behave, How they act, How they connect, Who do they connect with. It is a mix of many subjects like, History, Geography, Civics, Psychology, and many more. It is a very good companion for students preparing for CBSE class 10 board exams.

Everything is presented simply so that students can learn and understand the subject easily without any hustle. The book is prepared following CBSE guidelines. The book is divided into 3 parts. History, Political Science, Geography. Students can focus on each part separately. Each part has its charm. History explains the beautiful ancient culture followed by our ancestors, Political Science teaches us to use the Constitution and make us aware of our rights, and Geography explains different regions of our country and how and why it is different from other parts.

Class 10 NCERT Social Science book is available in both English and Hindi medium. Students can download the PDF free from our eSaral website and start preparing for exams and ace exams with good marks

NCERT Book for Class 10 Hindi

NCERT book for class 10 Hindi is a book curated by experts for students. NCERT Hindi book for class 10 is prepared by following the CBSE syllabus. It is made keeping in mind modern education. Students find it simple and easy to learn and enhance their reading and writing skills. In schools, teachers prefer to teach students through NCERT textbooks. As this is a complete wholesome book, it contains grammar, literature, and practice questions in one place. Teachers don’t have to hustle by referring to different books for each topic. Teachers use this book for giving homework and preparing question papers.

Students, now you understand that in board exams where to study from. Yes, you should always study from NCERT class 10 Hindi book. Hindi as a subject improves overall percentage. The practice questions given at the back of the chapter help you in bringing fluency in the language. It helps you improve your Hindi reading and writing skills.

Tips To Using NCERT Class 10 Books Effectively

Usually taking notes and highlighting them both are very powerful tools or we can say it is a technique. Taking notes can enhance your learning experience. For students who are trying to learn things efficiently. While studying it is important to write notes. Notes are a very convenient source for remembering key points needed at the time of revision. For capturing key points, concepts, formulas, theorems, specific information, etc., which are important from exam point of view. They encourage you to be involved with the content hence helping you to grasp the content permanently.

Highlighting is another great strategy for students for exams. At the time of exams, students have to focus on every subject and they can only revise each subject sometimes. There should be something that is condensed and can help in revising the subject as a whole without leaving any topic. Here comes the role of highlighter. They are used to highlight important points. They can be used to highlight the note written by you or sometimes you can highlight some points given in the book. This helps in making important points or information visually stand out. Whenever you open your handwritten note or book you are attracted to highlighted points and easily you can process them in your mind.

Another strategy students can follow is solving exercises given in the book. Whether it is Maths, Science, Social Science, English or any other subject-solving exercise helps you gain confidence that you have learned the concept effectively. It allows you to apply whatever you have learned in a practical context. This enables you to deepen your understanding and find the gaps in knowledge if any. You get to know the weak areas to work on.  This helps in recording your progress and reviewing it from time to time helps you in improving your skills.

Active learning- Solving exercise promotes this benefit. This is the most important quality in today's era. This strategy helps you in enhancing critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and retention of concepts. Incorporating these skills into your routine makes your learning more effective and efficient. So, start by noting down the important points, preferably handwritten notes. Whenever you read or listen to any chapter jot down the important points.

Whenever you solve any exercise or problem, solve it coolly without panicking. If you need help or assistance you can ask your teacher or you can go through the NCERT books. When you solve more exercise questions, you gain more confidence and become more skilled. Use highlightly more purposefully, don’t overdo it. Otherwise, it will fail to attain its whole purpose.

Benefits of Using NCERT Books in Class 10

  • These books are carefully designed by the experts.

  • Easy and quick ways are given to solve the exercise.

  • NCERT textbooks along with NCERT solutions are the perfect match for students.

  • For quick answers, all the concepts are arranged chapter-wise.

  • In-depth explanations for all the topics are provided to enhance the understanding of students.

  • NCERT books are aligned with the CBSE curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many Subjects are given in NCERT books in Class 10? Name them.

Answer 1: There are a total of 5 subjects excluding optional subjects. They are Maths, Science, Hindi, English, Social Science.


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