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CBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2023 - PDF Download

Class 12

The Class 12 English exam of the Central Board of Secondary Examination was held, February 24, 2023, from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. More than lakhs of students appeared for the exam, which is considered one of the most important in CBSE Class 12, being a common subject in all streams. Both English Core and English Elective exams were held on the same day, and students gave their full efforts. The English paper is always lengthy, and students have a lot to discuss after the exams. On that note, we bring you the official CBSE Class 12 English question paper 2023 in PDF form. We have the CBSE class 12 English core paper available here along with the early, unofficial answer key.

CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24

CBSE has already published the Class 12 English Syllabus for the academic year 2023-24 at their official website The CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24 for core includes all the topics and chapters to be covered to appear for the board exams. You must not ignore English paper and you should start preparing for it along with other subjects because it holds equal marks as other subjects. The questions asked in English are quite easier than in other subjects like Physics or Chemistry, hence this subject can help students to boost their overall percentage. Here, we have provided the complete details of the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2023-24 along with the marking scheme.

English Class 12 Syllabus 2023-24 (Core English)

Class 12th English examinations will hold a total of 80 marks together. Whereas, the Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills have 20 Marks, the Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills, consists of Listening Skills( 5 Marks), Speaking Skills(5 Marks) and Project Work(10 Marks). The section-wise marks distribution of English Class 12 Syllabus 2023-24 has been tabulated below for the reference of the students.

CBSE Class 12th Core English Syllabus 2023-24




Reading Comprehension

1.Unseen passage (factual, descriptive or literary)(12 Marks)

2. Case-Based Unseen (Factual) Passage(10 Marks)

20 Marks                          

Creative Writing Skills

1.Short Writing Tasks – Notice up to 50 words(4 Marks), Formal/Informal Invitation and Reply up to 50 words(4 Marks).

2.Long Writing Tasks – Letters Writing( for a job with bio data or resume/Letters to the editor)up to 120-150 words(5 Marks), Article/ Report Writing up to 120-150 words(5 Marks)

20 Marks


Question Based upon MCQs, Objective Type Questions, Short Answer Type Questions and Long Answer Type Questions to assess comprehension, analysis, interpretation and extrapolation beyond the text

  1. Based upon Poetry(Flamingo)-6 Marks

  2. Based upon Prose (Flamingo)- 4 Marks

  3. Based upon Prose (Flamingo)- 6 Marks

  4. Short answer type from Prose and Poetry (Flamingo)- 10 Marks

  5. Short answer type from Prose (Vistas)- 4 Marks

  6. One Long answer type from Prose/Poetry (Flamingo)- 5 Marks

  7. One Long answer type based on the chapters (Vistas)- 5 Marks


Total Marks

80 Marks

CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24 Literature(Core)

Book-Flamingo (Prose) 

  1. The Last Lesson

  2. Lost Spring

  3. Deep Water

  4. The Rattrap

  5. Indigo

  6. Poets and Pancakes

  7. The Interview

  8. Going Places

Book-Flamingo (Poetry)

  1. My Mother at Sixty-Six

  2. Keeping Quiet

  3. A Thing of Beauty

  4. A Roadside Stand

  5. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers


  1. The Third Level

  2. The Tiger King

  3. Journey to the end of the Earth

  4. The Enemy

  5. On the Face of It

  6. Memories of Childhood

  7. The Cutting of My Long Hair

  8. We Too are Human Beings

CBSE Class 12 Core English Syllabus Marking Scheme

According to the marking scheme for CBSE Class 12 Core English Syllabus 2023-24, the theory part contains Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing Skills, Literature carries 80 marks altogether. While the other section of Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills carries 20 marks and both the sections altogether make up 100 marks.





Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing Skills, Literature 

80 Marks


Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills

20 Marks


100 Marks

Marking Scheme For Class 12 CBSE 2023-24

CBSE released a new marking scheme for class 12 CBSE. Following are the details about the CBSE class 12 exam pattern 2023-24.

Conducting Authority

Central Board of Secondary Education


CBSE 12th exam pattern 2023-24

Question Pattern

  • 40% Competency-focused questions (case-based or source based)

  • 20% Select response-type questions (MCQs)

  • 40% Constructed response questions (Short answer/long answer questions)

Maximum Marks

100 (Theory+Practical)

Passing Marks Per Subject

33 percent

Total Duration

180 minutes



Official Website

Benefits of Class 12th PYQ English Core 2023

Following are some significant benefits of practising the Class 12 English question paper are:

  • Students can quickly identify the weak section in the subject that needs more focus and attention, allowing them to modify their preparation accordingly.

  • Students learn better time management skills by solving previous year question papers, allowing them to answer all the questions within the stipulated time.

  • They further understand the question paper pattern, the type of questions asked, the marking scheme and more.

 Frequently Asked Question 

Question 1: How to plan your preparation for CBSE Class 12 English Core Examination?

Answer :First finish reading the prescribed novel and mark the important incidents in the novel. During exam time, it will be helpful to go through the vast topics which means it helps to save time and you don’t have to re-read the whole topic again and again.

Most of the schools have frequent unit tests or mid-term tests, so cover whatever the syllabus is given to you in your unit tests or mid-term tests.


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