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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 PDF

JEE Mains & Advanced

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 are essential for students as they build a strong foundation for higher secondary classes. Don't worry, we at eSaral have created simplified NCERT Solutions for Class 8 to make learning easier and clearer. These solutions explain concepts in detail and include self-study questions, helping students take their preparations to the next level. By studying and practicing these concepts, students can retain knowledge and improve their skills.

Our experienced faculty, experts in subjects like English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, and Maths, have prepared these solutions considering the NCERT syllabus. Maths and Science are crucial subjects that require determination and hard work. Excelling in these subjects is vital for competitive exams and forms the basis for higher-level classes.

Fluency in English is essential for universal communication, and clarity in concepts is necessary to learn and practice the subject. Hindi, being the third most spoken language globally, is important for students in northern parts of India. Thoroughly solving questions can bring clarity to these subjects.

Social Science covers various topics, including History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics. Alongside Maths and Science, these subjects hold great importance in a student's education.

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 English

In today's competitive world, school students face tough challenges and must be well-prepared to handle them. Exams are a crucial part of these challenges, and students are expected to excel in them. There is pressure to perform well right from the beginning, so students need to understand all the concepts thoroughly.

To help with English studies in Class 8, NCERT Solutions are here to provide detailed explanations for poems, prose, and other topics. These solutions cover all aspects of each topic and are designed with an exam-oriented approach. This ensures that students can complete the syllabus on time and be well-prepared.

English is a language used for daily communication, and students are expected to be fluent in speaking and writing it. This skill is not only essential for exams but also for their future endeavors. The NCERT textbook for English Class 8 consists of two books. The first book focuses on literature, imparting knowledge, and the second book deals with language-related knowledge. Below is the list of chapters contained in each book.

Honey book textbook

Unit 1  The Best Christmas Present in the World

Unit 2  The Tsunami

Unit 3  Glimpses of the Past

Unit 4  Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Unit 5  The Summit Within

Unit 6  This is Jody’s Fawn

Unit 7  A Visit to Cambridge

Unit 8  A Short Monsoon Diary

Unit 1 Poem  The Ant and the Cricket

Unit 2 Poem  Geography Lesson

Unit 3 Poem  The Last Bargain

Unit 4 Poem  The School Boy

Unit 5 Poem  On the Grasshopper and Cricket

Chapters that are removed from the syllabus 2023-24 are:

  • The Great Stone Face – I

  • The Great Stone Face – II

  • Macavity: The Mystery Cat

  • When I set out for Lyonnesse

Supplementary textbook, It So Happened 

Unit 1 – How The Camel Got His Hump

Unit 2 – Children At Work

Unit 3 – The Selfish Giant

Unit 4 – The Treasure Within

Unit 5 – Princess September

Unit 6 – The Fight

Unit 7 – Jalebis

Unit 8 – Ancient Education System of India

Chapters that are removed from the syllabus 

  • The Open Window

  • The Comet — I

  • The Comet — II

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Hindi

The CBSE book for class 8 consists of 18 chapters. These chapters include poems and prose authored by famous writers. To help students in solving all the NCERT textbook questions. They are provided additional questions and answers framed to enhance fluency levels in the world’s third most spoken language.

Our experts have prepared this study material considering the guidelines prescribed by NCERT and eccentric techniques are employed by them to enhance concept clarity.

The Hindi Vasant NCERT textbook for class 8 is a unique combination of grammar and literature. The list of chapters included in the book is shared here:

NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi (Vasant) Chapter-wise List

Chapter 1 - Dhwani

Chapter 2 - Lakh Ki Chudiyan

Chapter 3 - Bus ki Yatra

Chapter 4 - Deewanon Ki Hasti

Chapter 5 - Chitthiyon Ki Anoothi Duniya

Chapter 6 - Bhagwan Ke Daakiye

Chapter 7 - Kya Nirash Hua Jaye

Chapter  8 - Yeh Sabse Kathin Samay Nahi

Chapter  9 - Kabir Ki Sakhiyan

Chapter 10 - Kaamchor

Chapter 11 - Jab Cinema Ne Bolna Seekha

Chapter 12 - Sudama Charitra

Chapter 13 - Jaha Pahiya hai

Chapter 14 - Akbari Lota

Chapter 15 - Surdas Ke Pad

Chapter 16 - Pani ki Kahani

Chapter 17 - Baaj Aur Saanp

Chapter 18 - Topi

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Maths

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Maths includes all the solutions covered in the NCERT Maths textbook and also contains practice questions that are crafted keeping in mind the concepts and engulfing all the important formulas and theorems with derivations in one place. These solutions are prepared by our team of experts who are highly experienced in their respective fields. These solutions are prepared in simplified language to bring ease to students in understanding the concept.

Students who have a fear of maths start enjoying the subject. Students feel confident after referring to the NCERT Solutions, these solutions are structured following the self-study approach. This clears each doubt encountered by students. Class 8 maths contains a vast syllabus in terms of new concepts not studied earlier, the difficulty level is higher as compared to previous classes. It contains chapters like- Rational Numbers, Practical Geometry, Cubes and Cubes Roots, Data Handling, Mensuration, Factorization, and many others.

Here is the list of chapters included in the Maths textbook.

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Science

Science is one of the core subjects after Maths. Although all the subjects are important maths and science have an importance of their own. In India, the majority of school students dream of having a career in the field of Maths and science. Nowadays students start their preparations for their IIT JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams from lower classes. They start their preparation keeping in mind their career goals. 

Sometimes by preparing for competitive exams students lose their focus from the school syllabus. All the concepts and topics that are covered in the NCERT textbook are very from the point of view of competitive exams. Questions from NCERT books form the base of exams like JEE, NEET, etc., Majority of questions come from the Science and Maths NCERT textbook.

NCERT Solution For Class 8 science is crafted to enable students to lay a strong foundation for higher classes. These will be of immense help to students in higher classes. When the base is strong, difficult questions are easy. 

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 includes solved textbook questions, MCQs, and short answering questions. With the help of these different types of questions, students can work and practice the concepts thoroughly. Here is the list of chapters included in the class 8 NCERT textbook.

Chapters that are removed from the science syllabus 2023-24

  • Synthetic Fibers and Plastics

  • Coal and Petroleum

  • Stars and Solar System

  • Material: Metals and Non-metals

  • Cell -Structure, and Functions

  • Pollution of Air and Water

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Social Science

Social Science is a very interesting subject. It has vast coverage including History, Geography, and Civics. History is a subject that teaches how ancient people survived tough times. How different types of cultures and languages travel to different parts of the world made India a unique nation in its way. History also tells us about the struggle we Indians faced to make India an Independent Nation. On the other hand, I will tell you how Kings and Queens of different eras took care of India and made it the “ Golden Bird”.

Geography teaches us about Human Resources, land, soil, water, and other natural resources. It tells about agriculture and updated techniques of agriculture employed by the farmers.

Civics teaches you about the Constitution of India, understanding secularism, Why do we need a Parliament, Understanding Laws, Judiciary, etc.

Here is the list of the chapters included in the NCERT syllabus

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 History – Our Pasts – III 

Chapter 1- How, When, and Where

Chapter 2- From Trade to Territory The Company Establishes Power

Chapter 3- Ruling the Countryside

Chapter 4- Tribals, Dikus, and the Vision of a Golden Age

Chapter 5- When People Rebel 1857 and after

Chapter 6- Civilizing the “Native”, Educating the Nation

Chapter 7- Women, Caste, and Reform

Chapter 8- The Making of the National Movement: 1870s–1947

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Geography – Resource and Development

Chapter 1- Resources

Chapter 2- Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources

Chapter 3- Agriculture

Chapter 4- Industries

Chapter 5- Human Resources

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Civics – Social and Political Life – III 

Chapter 1- The Indian Constitution

Chapter 2- Understanding Secularism

Chapter 3- Why Do We Need a Parliament

Chapter 4- Understanding Laws

Chapter 5- Judiciary

Chapter 6- Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

Chapter 7- Understanding Marginalization

Chapter 8- Confronting Marginalization

Chapter 9- Public Facilities

Chapter 10- Law and Social Justice

What Are The Benefits Of Solving NCERT Solutions For Class 8?

Several benefits lie when we solve NCERT Solutions for Class 8 listed below:-

  • All questions are covered as per the NCERT syllabus and solutions are prepared considering the CBSE guidelines.

  • NCERT Solutions brings the best resources for students. These solutions are prepared with the exam-oriented approach.

  • These solutions are prepared and updated from time to time as per the latest syllabus provided by the CBSE board.

  • We provide you with additional questions in NCERT Solutions to enhance your problem-solving skills.

The Advantage Of Downloading NCERT Solutions For Class 8 From eSaral

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 8 provided by eSaral are comprehensive and a one-stop solution for all the subjects. It provides solutions for all the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social science, English, Hindi, and Mathematics.

  • These NCERT Solutions are designed by our experienced faculty experts in their subject. All the study material is prepared without compromising the quality. They are accurate and reliable as they are designed keeping in mind the latest NCERT syllabus.

  • NCERT solutions prepared by eSaral are curated with detailed explanations and follow a step-by-step approach to advance the learning of concepts at ease and boost their confidence.

  • We provide an interactive and student-friendly approach. The concept is explained with the help of charts, bars, diagrams, videos, and many other techniques to simplify the learning process.

  • NCERT Solutions are also accompanied by additional resources like videos, questions, and previous year questions to enable students to enhance problem-solving skills and prepare well for upcoming exams.

  • eSaral provides you with time-saving Solutions. You don’t have to go around and check out different sites and books for learning concepts. We provide you with the best of all.

  • We always provide NCERT Solutions that are updated and revised at regular intervals. Whenever CBSE introduces any changes in its syllabus.

The Role Of NCERT Solutions In Enhancing Exam Preparation

NCERT solutions also serve as a valuable resource for practice. They include a wide range of practice questions that are similar to those asked in exams. By solving these questions, students can assess their understanding of the topics and identify areas where they need improvement. Regular practice using NCERT solutions can help students become familiar with the exam pattern and develop effective problem-solving skills.

Moreover, NCERT solutions provide students with accurate and reliable information. Since these solutions are prepared by subject matter experts, students can rely on them for accurate answers and explanations. This ensures that students receive credible information and avoid confusion or misconceptions.

In addition to their content, NCERT solutions are easily accessible to students. They are available in both online and offline formats, allowing students to study at their convenience. Students can refer to these solutions whenever they face difficulties or need clarification on a particular topic.

Overall, NCERT solutions are a valuable tool for exam preparation. They provide students with a strong foundation, ample practice opportunities, accurate information, and easy accessibility. By incorporating NCERT solutions into their study routine, students can enhance their exam preparation and increase their chances of success.

Importance Of NCERT Solutions For Class 8 School Exams 

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 is of great importance when it comes to preparing for school exams. These solutions are specifically designed to align with the syllabus prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). They serve as a comprehensive guide that helps students understand and excel in their academic subjects.

One of the key benefits of using NCERT solutions for Class 8 is that they cover all the topics in a structured manner. Each chapter is explained clearly and concisely, making it easier for students to grasp the concepts. The solutions provide step-by-step explanations and examples, which help students develop a strong foundation in each subject.

Another significant advantage of NCERT solutions is that they offer a wide range of practice questions. These questions are carefully curated to match the difficulty level of school exams. By solving these questions, students can assess their knowledge and identify areas that require more attention. Regular practice using NCERT solutions enhances their problem-solving skills and boosts their confidence for the exams.

NCERT solutions also ensure accuracy and reliability. They are prepared by experienced subject experts who have a deep understanding of the subject matter. Students can rely on these solutions for accurate answers and explanations, avoiding any confusion or incorrect information. This helps them build a strong base of knowledge and ensures that they are well-prepared for school exams.

Moreover, NCERT solutions are easily accessible to students. They are available in various formats, including online and offline resources. Students can access these solutions anytime, anywhere, which allows them to study at their own pace and convenience. This flexibility in accessing the solutions empowers students to take charge of their learning and revise effectively for the exams.

In conclusion, NCERT solutions for Class 8 are invaluable for school exam preparation. They provide a well-structured approach to learning, ample practice opportunities, accurate information, and easy accessibility. By incorporating NCERT solutions into their study routine, students can enhance their understanding, boost their confidence, and achieve success in their school exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How to score well using eSaral’s NCERT Solutions for class 8 exams.?

Answer 1. NCERT Solutions for class 8 are designed by our subject experts. Here you will find solutions for English, Hindi, Maths, Science, and Social Science too. Our faculty has provided all the solutions to the questions at the back of each chapter of the NCERT textbook. Students who are not able to retain the knowledge during class hours or encounter any doubts after class hours can refer to these NCERT Solutions and retain the knowledge.

Question 2. How can I achieve the goal of scoring more marks by studying from NCERT Solutions for class 8 exams?

Answer 2. Class 8 is very important for students to build a strong foundation for basic concepts that are extended to higher classes. NCERT solutions prepared at eSaral have considered even the small topic as important and each topic is explained in detail. You can download these solutions for free online or even can take a printout of it if needed. They also focus on problem-solving skills and improve logical reasoning through brainstorming questions.



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