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CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

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CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year Papers with Solution PDFs 

CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year question papers with Solution PDFs  are available here to help class 10 students prepare for their exams. Mathematics is a subject that requires practice. The more you practice, the better the command you will have over the subject. Preparing class 10th maths cbse previous year question paper prior to the board exams will provide you with information about the question paper format, marking system and difficulty level of the exams. You will also get detailed information about the types of questions in Maths. CBSE design these CBSE Maths Question Papers according to the syllabus.

cbse class 10 maths previous year question papers with solutions is an interesting subject but it takes a lot of practice to master it. Therefore, for the convenience of students, we have prepared the CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year Papers with Solution PDFs. These question papers are based on the CBSE Class 10 maths syllabus. CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year question Papers with Solution PDFs will help students prepare better for board exams. In addition, practicing these CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year question Papers with Solution PDFs will help students in assessing their exam preparation level.

How to Solve CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Previous Year’s Questions?

Previous year’s question paper is known as an exquisite study material for all the student’s who are diligently preparing for CBSE board exams. To master your preparation it is recommended to use Question papers in the most effective way. Some candidates end up only reading the questions and some just go through the solutions of the questions. There are ‘n’ number of students who waste a lot of time blindly mugging up the question answers from Solved Papers. Some of them refer to ten years after completing every Chapter and solving selective questions. Thus, there are different ways of utilizing Previous years question papers but it is important for you to know the most effective way of solving the question paper. Below are some tips to follow while solving ten years of CBSE.

1. Solve the question paper under timed Condition - Even after thoroughly studying the Chapter, there are moments when you find that it is taking you longer to answer the questions from 10 years ago. As a result of either not having reviewed the Chapter or forgetting some of the material when studying, you may also feel the need to consult it when working through problems. As a result, in order to successfully finish question papers, it is crucial that you retain and understand every detail of the chapter; otherwise, you risk running out of time. To grasp the idea and quicken your pace, practice answering various question kinds from the exercises and go through sample sums. You will be able to finish the paper quickly if you have a firm understanding of the Chapter. As you work through the question paper, give yourself a time limit for each question and aim to finish it inside that time. Continue to the next question and count the number of questions you answered correctly, even if you are unable to finish a timed question. Go over the chapter again and give the unfinished questions another go.  

2. Attempt to answer the questions without consulting the answers - Prior to beginning the question papers, thoroughly study the subject or section. Do not consult the book of solutions while completing the problems. After completing the question paper, compare your answers with the provided solution to gain an understanding of the discrepancy between your level of performance and the required level of response. In order to strengthen your areas of weakness and accomplish your objective, you also get to evaluate how well-prepared you are and where you are lacking. Correct your errors and make an effort to avoid making the same ones during tests.

3. Don’t go Chapter-wise - Solving previous year questions after completing the Chapters is more effective than solving ten years questions separately for every Chapter. 

4. Take notes when you complete the problems using a pen and paper - It's a great idea to jot down the solutions so you can refer to them easily and anytime you'd like.

5. Review every question you've answered - To avoid regretting it later, make sure you go over every answer you've answered before a test. Just picture how fantastic it would be to find a question from the exam that is identical to one you solved 10 years ago. But what happens if you can't remember the response? Revision is therefore just as crucial as preparation. Thus, be sure your efforts are not in vain.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 10 Maths last Year Question Papers 

One of the best things for any student preparing for their board exam preparations is using Previous Year Solved Papers. Why, you may ask? Because there are plenty of benefits that come with using them! For a board applicant, the previous year's solved papers give them an idea of what to expect in the exam. It is beneficial if students take the exam for the first time, i.e. in your 10th or 12th grade. With the help of the previous year's solved question papers, you will be more familiar with the format and structure of the paper. It can also help a student to know what questions are likely to ask.  So, here are the lists to let you know the 5 benefits of using the previous year's solved papers, which will amaze you.

Helps students track their overall preparation

One great way for students to evaluate their own academic success is by doing practice questions. You are better prepared for the tests the more questions you are able to answer. You'll also learn more about your areas of strength and improvement.

Gives a proper idea of a proper question paper

We are aware of the syllabus for the 10th and 12th board exams, which is broken down into several chapters. Every chapter is divided into many sections. This suggests that there is an abundance of data in every sector.

Instructors, consultants, counselors, and specialists constantly use previously completed exam papers to help pupils. All significant portions of the chapters are included in the previous year's test questions. This can assist a student in familiarizing themselves with test formats, mark distribution, etc.

The learner is able to comprehend a portion of the curriculum with this assistance. Additionally, they might emphasize the important passages more. Consequently, it helps the applicant understand the important topics covered in the course. It may enable the learner to perform well on the test.

Helps a student with time management

We are all aware of the benefits of time management for exams, particularly board exams when speed and precision are crucial.

To aid with improved time management, students can practice using the question papers from prior years.

As everyone knows, exams last three hours, and students have limited opportunity to respond to questions. On the other hand, you can improve your performance on mathematics and physics questions—especially numerical ones—by completing these past year's question papers on time.

To assist them develop as much as possible, students who take the previous year's question paper must complete the exam in three hours and then review the answers to the questions they attempted.

Class 10 Maths Question Paper Important Topics

There are 14 chapters in the class 10 Maths NCERT book which are listed below and each chapter has important topics. 

Important topics of each chapter of class 10 maths NCERT book listed below:


Chapter Name

Important topics


Real Numbers

Euclid's division lemma, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Rational and irrational numbers



Factorization of quadratic polynomials, Remainder and factor theorems


Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Simultaneous linear equations, Graphical representation of linear equations


Quadratic Equations

Nature of roots, Solutions of quadratic equations by factorization, completing the square, and quadratic formula


Arithmetic Progression

nth term of an AP, Sum of first 'n' terms of an AP



Similarity and congruence of triangles, Pythagoras theorem and its converse


Coordinate Geometry

Distance formula, Section formula, Area of a triangle


Introduction to Trigonometry

Trigonometric ratios, Trigonometric identities, Heights and distances


Some applications of trigonometry




Tangents and secants to a circle

Construction of tangents to a circle


Area related to Circles



Surface area and Volume

Surface areas and volumes of cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, and spheres, Conversion of solids



Mean, median, and mode of grouped and ungrouped data



Probability of simple events

Class 10 Maths Question Paper Exam Pattern

Exam pattern of class 10 maths question paper is given below:

  1. This question paper contains 38 questions. All questions are compulsory.

  2. This question paper is divided in five sections- Section A, B, C, D and E.

  3. In section-A question number 1 to 18 are multiple choice questions (MCQs) and question number 19 and 20 are Assertion- Reason  based questions of 1 mark each.

  4. In section-B question number 21 to 25 are very short answer-1 (SA-1) type questions of 2 marks each.

  5. In section-C question number 26 to 31 are short answer-2 (SA-2) type questions of 3 marks each.

  6. In section-D question number 32 to 35 are Long Answer (LA) type questions carrying 5 marks each.

  7. In section-E question number 36 to 38 are Case Study/ Passage based integrated units of assessment questions carrying 4 marks each.internal choice is provided in 2 marks questions in each case study.

  8. There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice has been provided in 2 questions in section-B, 2 questions in section-C, 2 questions in section-D and 3 questions in section-E.

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 10 Maths Examination

The date of the 2023 CBSE Class 10 Maths board exam is set on March 21st. The final few days before the test are extremely important for all applicants. Students may master their math board test without stress or anxiety if they use it properly. Students need to utilize this time wisely in order to get ready for the CBSE Class 10 Math test. The great majority of pupils are afraid of math. Generally speaking, rather than preparing for the topic, most students spend a lot of time dreading it. Many students put forth a lot of effort in their studies, but they still struggle to do well.This is a result of these pupils not employing the proper approach or direction in their work.

Know the syllabus and division of marks

Examine the CBSE Maths syllabus for class 10 in 2024 to find out what you need to learn. All students should read the whole syllabus for every unit and chapter in addition to being familiar with the entire unit-wise weighting. It is recommended that students review the syllabus on a frequent basis to ensure they do not inadvertently overlook any material. While they prepare, students should also remember that math is weighted according to units. The chapters with greater weight and any complicated concepts requiring more practice should be given higher importance.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) created and developed the curriculum that is used by the Central Board of Secondary EducationStudents are required to use the NCERT textbooks and other materials as part of the CBSE Class 10 Math curriculum.As a result, the NCERT Math textbooks are the greatest resources available to CBSE board students doing Math in Class 10.

Practise the exercise questions given in NCERT Textbook

The NCERT Math Textbook includes practice problems at the conclusion of each chapter as well as in between. These practice problems are crucial for intellectual clarity as well as practice. In addition to improving your comprehension of the concepts, completing these practice problems can help you get a score of 95 or above on the CBSE Class 10 Math test. 

Solve CBSE Class 10 Maths Sample Question Paper 

If you truly want to get 95+ points in the CBSE Class 10 Maths board test in 2023, you must complete the sample question papers that the board has released. There are two causes. In order to help students understand the format, style, and kinds of questions on the CBSE Maths board exam question paper, the CBSE Board publishes a sample question paper. Furthermore, because the 10th grade CBSE Math curriculum has changed, pupils may only acquire a sense of what to expect on the exam by looking at the sample paper. In order to utilize the CBSE Class 10 Maths example paper as a reference for exam preparation, students must solve it and examine the solution.

Revise CBSE Class 10 Maths Important Questions and Answers

Going over these crucial questions and answers prepared by subject matter specialists is crucial if you want to get 95+ in the math board exam of 2023 CBSE Class 10—especially in the 2022–2023 academic year. These CBSE Class 10 Maths Important questions and answers have been carefully chosen and produced by our subject specialists in light of the recent revisions to the curriculum and question paper design to better match with the new education strategy (NEP 2020).You would be able to review your knowledge, assess your readiness, and determine which subjects require further practice after answering these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the significance of solving CBSE Class 10 Maths PYQs?

Answer 1: Solving CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous year question paper helps students understand the exam pattern, question types, and important topics. It serves as a valuable tool for revision and boosts confidence.

Question 2: How can I access CBSE Class 10 Maths PYQs?

Answer 2: You can find CBSE Class 10 Maths Previous year question papers with solution on the eSaral website for free.



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