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Important Questions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 Statistics - PDF Download

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Important questions for class 11 maths chapter 13 Statistics are one of the best ways to prepare for exams. Chapter 13 Statistics is a scoring chapter from exam point of view. You must be well-versed with all the key concepts of statistics. Class 11 maths chapter 13 Statistics introduces students to the fundamental concepts of representation of data, data interpretation and data analysis. You must solve different types of questions to score good marks in final exams.    

Class 11th maths chapter 13 Statistics important questions are provided here by subject experts of eSaral. These important questions are framed after analyzing the latest syllabus of class 11 maths. In order to score desired marks in annual exams, you should practice statistics class 11 important questions provided here. Chapter 13 Statistics has covered significant topics like representation of grouped and ungrouped data, measures of dispersion, mean deviation and their applications which you must be aware of and well understood to solve questions without being confused. In class 11 maths exam, you will be asked different types of questions from this chapter such as very short answer types, short answer types and long answer types. Thus, practicing class 11 mathematics chapter 13 Statistics important questions is essential for you to perform well in examinations. 

Solving class 11 maths Statistics important questions will help you to strengthen your core concepts of representation of data. By engaging with the important questions of class 11 maths Statistics, you can deepen your knowledge. Class 11 maths chapter 13 Statistics important questions are also provided in downloadable PDF format which you can download from eSaral website to make your preparation more effective.   

Important Topics & Sub-topics of Statistics Class 11 Maths

You will get to learn some significant topics and sub-topics of Statistics that help you to understand each concept in detailed format. Comprehending these topics and sub-topics will help you to solve moderate to complex questions without any errors. Here, our subject experts have combined all the topics and sub-topics of chapter 13 Statistics in a tabular form which can be checked below.





Measures of Dispersion




Mean Deviation 

  • Mean deviation for ungrouped data 

  • Mean deviation for grouped data 

  • Limitations of mean deviation

Variance and Standard Deviation

  • Standard Deviation

  • Standard deviation of a discrete frequency distribution

  • Standard deviation of a continuous frequency distribution

  • Shortcut method to find variance and standard deviation

Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 Statistics Weightage

It is important to be aware of the weightage of class 11 maths chapter 13 to score higher marks in exams. Class 11 maths chapter 13 Statistics holds a moderate to high weightage in class 11 maths examinations. Chapter 13 Statistics deals with the collection of data for specific purposes. There are some specific formulas, definitions, terms and properties which are important to learn for better preparation of class 11 maths exams. 

By understanding the core concepts of Statistics, you will not only be able to score desired marks in exams but also be able to apply these concepts in practical questions. Students are advised to be aware of the weightage and marking scheme of chapter 13 Statistics before they start preparing for exams. The weightage of chapter 13 Statistics may vary year by year so you must check the official website of CBSE to get the correct information. In Class 11 maths examination, you will get to solve 1 mark questions, 2 marks questions and 4-6 marks questions. It is essential for all the students to be well-versed with the concepts of statistics. Students of class 11 must approach chapter 13 with proper understanding of concepts and practical application of questions to achieve desired results in exams. There are two main exercises and one miscellaneous exercise which must be solved for better understanding of questions. 

Important questions of Statistics class 11 maths can help you to score highest marks in exams. Practice class 11 maths statistics important questions developed by eSaral’s subject experts which includes questions based on significant topics. This will help you to solve questions stepwise to succeed in annual examinations.  

Tips to Solve Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 Statistics

To excel in class 11 maths chapter 13 Statistics, you need to comprehend all the topics and concepts in a detailed manner. Chapter 13 Statistics has included topics like measures of dispersion, range, mean deviation etc. which need to be understood properly to solve questions in exams. Here, eSaral’s subject experts have included some tips to solve questions easily. 

  1. In chapter 13 Statistics, there are several formulas which must be learnt to solve questions which are based on formulas. Students should make a formula list and revise them regularly to solve questions efficiently. 

  2. You should understand the statistics concepts deeply so that you don’t miss any question to solve in exams.

  3. Practice a variety of questions related to statistics to strengthen the understanding. 

  4. You should also practice important questions of class 11 maths chapter 13 Statistics to get an idea of the type of questions may be asked in exams. 

Benefits of Solving Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 Important Questions with Answers

Solving class 11 maths chapter 13 Statistics important questions can help you in various ways. Our subject experts of eSaral have curated important questions of class 11 maths Statistics which are essential from exam point of view. Check out below some of the benefits of solving class 11 maths chapter 13 important questions with answers.

  1. Application of Knowledge - Practicing important questions of Statistics class 11 can assist you to apply concepts of statistics to practical questions that can enhance your ability to correlate the theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

  2. Enhance Problem-solving Skills - Chapter 13 Statistics has some complex concepts which need extra attention. By solving class 11 maths Statistics important questions, you will be able to solve questions based on these complex concepts. This will help you to improve your problem-solving skills. 

  3. Self Assessment - By solving important questions provided on eSaral will assist you to facilitate self-assessment. You will be able to compare your answers with the solutions provided for important questions. This process can help you to find the weaknesses where you need extra attention. 

  4. PDF solutions - You will get PDF solutions for all the important questions which are provided on eSaral. You will be able to download these PDFs and practice questions at your own pace.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1. The dispersion or scatter in a data is measured on the basis of the observations and the types of the measure of central tendency, used there. Range, Quartile deviation, Mean deviation, Standard deviation are some measures of dispersion.

Answer 2. Mean of deviation for ungrouped data can be found from these formulas:

M.D. $(\bar{x})=\frac{\sum\left|x_i-\bar{x}\right|}{n}, \quad$ M.D. $(\mathrm{M})=\frac{\sum\left|x_i-\mathrm{M}\right|}{n}$


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