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Important Questions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 8 - Application of Integrals

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Important questions for class 12 maths chapter 8 Applications of Integrals are provided here by the expert team of mathematics in detailed explanations to score great marks in CBSE class 12 board examination. Maths class 12 chapter 8 important questions are designed by experts with the latest NCERT syllabus and exam pattern. Students are advised to solve these class 12  integration important questions before attempting the final exam. Application of Integrals is part of calculus which is an important chapter for class 12th board exams. You must practice questions related to application of integrals to make your preparation meaningful so that you can concentrate on the right approach while solving questions in class 12th maths board exams.

CBSE class 12 maths chapter 8 Application of Integrals has questions based on formulas of curved regions. In order to score excellent marks in board exams, you have to be well-versed with all the formulas related to integrations. Applications of Integrals class 12 important questions are provided by analyzing the last year's question papers and NCERT syllabus of mathematics which can be used for preparing class 12 board exams. These integration questions for class 12 are provided here in free PDF format. You can download the PDF from the official website of eSaral and practice them for the best preparation for board exams. 

Important Topics & Sub-topics of Application of Integrals Class 12 Maths

In the previous chapter, you have studied various methods of integration. Here, you will learn how to find areas under simple curves and how to use formulas to find the area of the region bounded by curves. To achieve good marks in class 12th board exams, you need to understand the topics and sub-topics associated with application of integrals and practice integrals problems provided by subject experts of eSaral. You can check out the table below to find the topics and sub-topics of chapter 8 application of integrals. 



Area under Simple Curves

Class 12 Maths Chapter 8 Application of Integrals Weightage

CBSE class 12 board exam is an essential exam for the students of class 12 and scoring good marks in this exam is crucial to pursue higher studies. In addition to achieving a great score in mathematics, you must understand the syllabus, chapter-wise weightage, exam pattern and important topics. It helps you to plan your study in a systematic manner to prepare for examinations effectively. 

To get full marks in chapter 8 Application of Integrals, first of all you must be aware of the weightage and marking scheme of this chapter. Thus, you will be able to score full marks in exams. Here, our subject expert of eSaral has provided the weightage for chapter 8 by properly analysing the chapter and sample papers. Chapter 8 carries 5-6 marks weightage in CBSE class 12th board exams to the total marks of question paper. You also should check out the official website of CBSE to get the official information regarding chapter-wise weightage and exam pattern. 

We have also provided application of integrals class 12 important questions on eSaral that will help you to learn important topics and practice questions for better preparation for board exams. Chapter 8 Application of Integrals has one exercise along with one miscellaneous exercise combining questions related to finding areas of simple curves that you should practice for achieving a great result.

Tips to Solve Class 12 Maths Chapter 8 Application of Integrals

To get a deep understanding of concepts and formulas related to application of Integrals, it is important to practice all the questions of chapter 8. Students will be able to comprehend all the questions if they understand the topics and concepts provided in this chapter. Here, eSaral’s expert faculty of maths have provided some necessary tips that will assist you in your final exams.

  1. Class 12th maths chapter 8 requires students to understand how to use the formula to solve questions in step by step manner in examination.

  2. Students need to learn the steps used in procedure so that they can not forget the concepts while solving questions.

  3. There is the concept of area under simple curves which you have to study with deep analysis and detailed understanding to solve questions based on finding the area of the region bounded by curves. 

  4. Last but not the least, you should also practice application of integrals class 12 important questions before starting board exams. 

Benefits of Solving Class 12 Maths Chapter 8 Important Questions with Answers

Class 12th maths chapter 8 Application of Integrals important questions provided on eSaral has numerous benefits. These benefits will help you in different ways. Check below some of the benefits provided by subject experts of mathematics.

  1. Class 12th maths important questions help you to get familiar with the formation of questions asked in class 12 board exams and allow you to prepare for the exam accordingly. 

  2. These important papers enable students to improve their problem solving speed and acquire conceptual knowledge by applying them.

  3. Application of Integrals class 12 important questions cover all the important topics for the board exam and help you to prepare as per latest syllabus.

  4. Practicing CBSE class 12 integration important questions, you will know the strength and weakness from this chapter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1. You can easily download the free PDF for class 12 maths chapter 8 Application of Integrals from the official website of eSaral.

Answer 2. CBSE class 12 maths chapter 8 Application of Integrals includes the main topic to find the area under simple curves by using formulas.


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