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Important Questions For Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Electrochemistry - PDF Download

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Important Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 - Electrochemistry - Introduction

Important Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 - Electrochemistry have been compiled together in chemistry class 12 Electrochemistry important questions pdf by the eSaral’s science expert. Important question of chemistry class 12 chapter 2 Electrochemistry free pdf is designed to help students strengthen their problem solving skills. Class 12 is a really important stage in students' lives, and getting good grades at this stage can help them get into the right field. With the help of class 12 chemistry chapter 2 important questions with answers pdf, you can not only brush up on your knowledge, but also make sure you revise your syllabus thoroughly for your chemistry CBSE board exams.

Chemistry is not only about theory but also about how to apply the theory in practice numerical problems. Chemistry class 12 chapter 2 important questions help you to revise your theoretical concepts. Most of students know a concept but don’t know how to present it in the exam. The Electrochemistry of chapter 2 chemistry class 12 important questions will help you to understand how to answer a specific question.

Important Topics & Sub-topics of Electrochemistry Class 12 Chemistry



Electrochemical Cells

Functioning of daniel cell, galvanic cell, electrolytic cell etc.

Galvanic cells

Redox couples, Standard electrode potential, Cell electromotive force (emf), cell potential etc.

Nernst Equation

Nernst Equation, equilibrium constant from nernst equation, electrochemical cell and gibbs energy of the reaction etc.

Conductance of electrolytic solutions

Electrical Conductance, Measurement of the conductivity of ionic solutions, Molar conductivity, variation of conductivity and molar conductivity with concentration etc.

Electrolytic cells and electrolysis

Electrolytic cell, Products of Electrolysis etc.


Primary batteries, secondary batteries etc. 

Fuel Cells

Fuel cell using Hydrogen and Oxygen produces electricity 


Corrosion of iron in atmosphere

Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Electrochemistry Weightage

In class 12 CBSE board exam, every subject paper consist of 70 marks. Class 12 chemistry CBSE board exam paper also consist of 70 marks. Every single chapter of chemistry have different weightage in the CBSE chemistry board exam. Class 12 chemistry chapter 2 Electrochemistry have 9 marks weightage in the Class 12 chemistry CBSE board exam paper. The weightage percentage of chemistry chapter 2 Electrochemistry in the CBSE chemistry board exam is 13%. Hence, Chemistry chapter 2 Electrochemistry is consider as important and scoring chapter in the chemistry CBSE board exam.

Tips to Solve Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Electrochemistry

Time management strategies to solve class 12 chemistry chapter 2 important questions

Time management is one of the most important aspects of class 12 chemistry exam preparation, especially when it comes to important chapters such as Chapter 2. The following strategies can help you tackle important chapters in this chapter effectively:

Set clear goals: Identify the questions or topics you want to cover in this chapter. Make a list of the important questions/concepts you want to master in this chapter.

Create a study schedule: Create a daily/weekly study schedule that will allocate enough time for Chapter 2.

Prioritize this chapter: This chapter should be prioritized based on how important it is and your level of confidence.

Break it down: Break down this chapter into smaller sections. Try to master each topic one at a time. This helps with better understanding and retention.

Special Focus on Challenging Topics

When studying class 12 chemistry, or any subject for that matter, it is important to take a strategic and focused approach to understanding and mastering difficult topics. Identify Difficult Topics and scoring topics is one of them. The first step is to identify the particular topics in Chapter 2 that are most difficult for you to understand. These may be areas in which you have difficulty understanding the concepts or solving problems.

Self Test Checklist 

Preparing for a CBSE board exam is a significant undertaking, and having a well-structured. Self-test checklist can be a valuable tool to ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your board exam.

Benefits of Solving Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Important Questions with Answers

Solving class 12 chemistry chapter 2 Electrochemistry important questions with answers offers several important benefits for students preparing for their CBSE board exams. 

Comprehensive Coverage: Important questions are often selected to cover key concepts and topics in the chapter. Solving them ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Exam Preparedness: These questions typically mimic the format and type of questions that appear in actual board exams. Practicing with them helps you become familiar with the exam pattern and prepares you for the real test.

Self-Assessment: By solving important questions with answers, you can assess your knowledge and skills. This process helps you identify areas where you excel and areas that require further study or improvement.

Time Management: Working on these questions improves your time management skills. You learn to allocate time to each question, ensuring you can complete the paper within the allotted time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the topics of chapter 2 Electrochemistry introduced in Class 12 Chemistry?

Answer 1: Following topics have been introduced in class 12 chemistry chapter 2 Electrochemistry: 

  1. Electrochemical Cells

  2. Galvanic Cells

  3. Nernst Equation

  4. Conductance of Electrolytic Solutions

  5. Electrolytic Cells and Electrolysis

  6. Batteries

  7. Fuel Cells

  8. Corrosion

Question 2: How to score good marks in Electrochemistry? 

Answer 2: You need to have good study habits, be able to manage your time, and have a good grasp of what you're studying. Start by getting a good grasp of the basics, like how oxidation and reduction reactions galvanic cells, electrolysis, Nernst's equation works. 


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