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General Organic Chemistry Revision Video - Class 11, JEE, NEET

This Chapter deals with the basics of Organic Chemistry. Like in Physical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics determines the rate and analysis of the reaction. In Organic Chemistry even though mathematical principles are not involved, general organic chemistry explains the factors and dynamics  of it.  Important topics in General Organic Chemistry Class 11 includes substitution, elimination, addition and rearrangement reactions, Hybridization, conjugation, Inductive effect, Mesomeric effect, and Electrometric effect. This is very important for the examination point of view and to understand organic chemistry. At least one question do come from this chapter or based on it in every exam. General Organic Chemistry Quick Revision is completed in 2 parts by Prateek Gupta Sir (IIT BOMABAY).

General Organic Chemistry Class 11 - PART 1

General Organic Chemistry Class 11 - PART 2

The Revision series is designed for all JEE & NEET aspirants to provide quick revision of complete Organic Chemistry. The revision videos help you make the best use of your limited time left for revision. It is especially time-saving for all students who are going to appear for 12th Board. When you don’t have time to go through chapter notes in detail, learn and revise most important key concepts and formulae here.

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