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The Last Month before JEE Advanced 2018

The Last Month before JEE Advanced 2018

Hello JEE Aspirants!

It is the last month  before JEE Advanced Exam. This is actually one of the worst phases of your IIT JEE preparation – you are actually done with it, but have to keep going through the same routine time and again, study the exact same things repeatedly. Thus, we have come up with important tips and tricks for you to sail through this difficult phase easily and attain maximum productivity in this crucial time.

This is the final stretch – that final period, where you can actually stake a strong claim to an IIT/NIT seat. The groundwork has been done in the previous two years of your preparation and the time has come to construct on everything you did in that time. It’s the last lap; stop jogging and take a sprint. Now is the time for you to change the gears, press the accelerator to speed on without losing focus and ensure you reach that finish point with flying colors. Following a proper schedule and practicing certain things regularly will definitely take you to your destination.

Here are a few tried and tested tips and tricks to manage the last months’ time before the exam:


Revision is the key

There is no use of studying if you don’t remember the topics you studied during your JEE Preparation. Humans’ memory fades away gradually if they don’t revise them. Without proper revision, you will not be able to commemorate things in your mind. It plays a very big role in your preparation, so it is very important.

Revise all the concepts from notes with flags on question requiring tricks and analytical reasoning. Devote equal time to all the 3 subjects. Do not study new topics. Just review all the chapters that you’ve read in the last two years. Don’t go for new theory books as it can be a bit stressful to open a completely new author with their altogether different narration and examples in the last month.

It is a notion among people that JEE won’t have memory-based questions but it is completely wrong. JEE does ask memory based questions, and they make up almost 20% of the paper. It is advisable to be very thorough with memorizing based sections from the syllabus, also be very thorough with all the scoring topics. JEE syllabus consists of several easy-scoring topics scattered here and there do not forget to take advantage from them. Even the examiners are generous enough to give a good weightage to these topics. So it’d be worth your while to spend some time on these topics during this period.


You can’t manage anything if you don’t manage time

With time running out, the most important task is managing the time you have and planning things in the most efficient way possible. Until you manage time, you can’t manage anything else. If you are not following any fixed schedule of studying then make one now which suits you best but keeping a few things in mind. It is advisable that you accustom yourself to the exam hours, take proper sleep because a tired mind will not bear the right fruit when the final day arrives. Schedule your day such that you attempt one paper, analyse the attempt and revise where ever needed; study one topic from each subject per day.

Acing JEE Advanced is not just about preparation, it is about solving the maximum number of questions accurately within the given interval of time. So start with this agenda in mind. If you are unable to solve a question, please don’t waste your time on the same and move on to the next question. Don’t be in a hurry to get everything right. It is better to get few things right than many things wrong.

Optimize your preparations in the last month before JEE Advanced, the best strategy is to focus on those topics, from which you can get more score, which is easy to understand for you or which can be studied faster. Try using short and simple tricks make it a habit to use them and practice them regularly this will definitely save some time for more productive things.


Solve as many as previous papers and give ample of mock tests

To fill up your arsenal with new set of questions solve as many test papers as you can and give ample of mock tests. Solving these papers will not only increase your knowledge but will also you build up your stamina, and you will actually learn how to attempt papers in specified time period. Join a good All India Level Test Series. Try to go for a test series which gives you a proper analysis your current performance and where you stand now. The aim is to boost your self-confidence. They’ll help in pointing out where you go wrong, what topics need revision and where your weaknesses lie. Analyse yourself at the end of each test.

It is that time of your preparation for JEE Advanced when you need to know how to rightly put into practice all that you have learnt. Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.


Go through your short notes and synopses

This is for those who have a good habit of making short notes and synopses of chapters when you study them in detail. Noting down important formulas and jotting down important things needed to be brushed before the exam at one place save time and energy simultaneously. Synopses are really helpful in quick go-throughs of chapters. This can be your JEE Advanced ready reckoner.

As per toppers and experts, short notes are necessary and important for revision. In the last days, this is an aid that comes into use the most. Sometimes, even if you have a strong conceptual base, you can miss some questions because of the formulas, which just skipped from your mind. So, thoroughly go through the short notes you’ve prepared as many possible to get good marks in the exam.


Believe in yourself but don’t let overconfidence get in your head

Rule Number 1 of surviving this period – make sure your head is in the right place. The most important thing at this stage of the preparation is self-confidence. Your confidence will determine your efficiency; overconfidence or under-confidence will both reduce your efficiency. Make sure that does not happen.

Believe in yourself. Trust the efforts that you have put in throughout the JEE preparation. Don’t get demotivated and tensed. There might be times when you might not perform that well in the mock exam as compared to other occasions. Avoid negativity. Keep your mind free and possibly do things which relax you. Be positive, Be Hopeful & Be Confident.


Take care of your health

Students tend to ignore their health and sleep while preparing during this time but everyone knows that Health is wealth. While you are in the last month before your exam r to eat well and remain healthy.

Avoid junk food and eat healthy. Developing a habit of eating right will keep you nourished and supply sufficient energy to carry on with studies. You can’t take the risk of falling ill. Stay hydrated as this is summer at its best. Rest and take breaks when needed. It is advised to sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. Stress Busters

Easy to say but try and avoid stressing out. While taking breaks, ensure you take time for some of your favourite pastimes. However this can exclude social media, phone chats as they are time killers. Do meditation for easing stress, listen to music, go for walks, talk to your friends and so on. Such activities are stress busters and help you keep your cool and calm. It is important that a stress free environment exists for a successful run towards JEE Exams.


The final exam day

Once you get the question paper in the examination hall read it thoroughly. According to the difficulty level try and prioritise the order of answering the questions. Avoid negative marks as much as you can because negative marking can decrease your score. Attempt all those questions first which do not carry negative marks or those in which you are confident enough. Don’t get anxious if you find the paper tough since only relative performance is countable, if the paper is really tough it will be tough for everyone else also. Just have faith in yourself and give your best.

Remember, all the efforts that you put in the JEE preparations might be wasted if you do not utilize these last days properly. So be on your toes, stay sharp, and don’t let negative things take over your mind. Eat properly, don’t compromise on sleep and stay healthy. Good luck!


We hope, this post will you clear your doubts regarding the last month. Anyhow, if you have further queries feel free to contact us via [email protected].

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