Magnetism and Matter Quick Revision for Class 12, JEE, NEET

This Revision Series is for all the aspirants, who are seeking for quick revision. eSaral has launched Physics Revision Series for all JEE & NEET aspirants. The main mission behind this series is to provide quick revision of all the chapters of Class 11th & 12th with important key concepts. As the limited time is left for all Exams weather you are preparing for Boards, JEE or NEET. This superfast revision series is launched to help all the aspirants of JEE and NEET and most helpful for all those who are going to appear in 12th Board. You can save your time here. Instead of going through chapter notes in detail, learn and revise most important key concepts from here.

Here is the Revision of Magnetism and Matter with important key concepts.

The Bar Magnet, The Electrostatics Analog, Bar Magnet as an Equivalent Solenoid, Dipole in a Uniform Magnetic Field

Magnets attracts iron object but not plastic objects, why? Two iron nails do not attract each other but when it is attached with a magnet it starts attracting other iron nail, why? Why two magnets attract or repel each other? We all have seen magnetic compass, why it always points towards north direction? All of these questions come to our mind when we think about magnets. Let’s learn and clear all the doubts about magnets and magnetism in this video with Saransh Gupta Sir.

Magnetism and Gauss law, Earth’s magnetism, Magnetization and magnetic intensity, Diamagnetism, Paramagnetism and Ferromagnetism, Hysteresis

We have seen the magnetic field and field line due to magnet in previous lecture. Now in the second part of this series we will learn magnetism and gauss law. We will also learn how can we differentiate between diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials? Magnetic needle align itself towards north direction of the magnetic field lines. Do earth also have a magnetic field so that magnetic compass always points towards north direction of the earth?




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