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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 12 Exercise 12.2 Factorisation - PDF Download

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NCERT solutions class 8 maths chapter 12 ex 12.1 Factorisation is based on methods of factorisation to solve algebraic expressions using identities and factors of the form (x+a) (x+b). Algebraic expression factorization is the process of simplifying a mathematical expression into two terms, also called its factors. Ex 12.2 class 8 maths solutions is composed of a number of examples and problems which effectively illustrate the topic. 

Ex 12.2 class 8 maths chapter 12 consists of five questions divided into sub-parts. These questions are all about finding factorisation by applying the methods described in chapter 12 ex 12.2 class 8 maths. Students must practice with the questions and example sums included in these solutions will enable students to factorize algebraic expressions with ease. NCERT solutions for class 8 maths chapter 12 ex 12.2 are prepared by subject experts of eSaral to help you achieve high scores in exams. Ex 12.2 class 8 maths ch 12 solutions are also available in PDF format to download. You can download the free PDF of these solutions to practice the questions.

Topics Covered in Exercise 12.2 Class 8 Mathematics Questions

Class 8 maths chapter 12 exercise 12.2 NCERT solutions cover topics associated with the methods of factorisation and their applications. Here, our subject experts have explained all the topics and concepts of ex 12.2 in easy to understand language. You can learn these topics mentioned below.


Methods of Factorisation

  1. Factorisation using identities

  2. Factors of the form ( x + a) ( x + b)

  1. Methods of Factorisation

     A. Factorisation using identities

To factorize the expression, it is important to keep in mind certain identities.

  • (a+b)2=a2+2ab+b2

  • (a-b)2=a2-2ab+b2

  • (a+b) (a-b)=a2-b2

    B. Factors of the form ( x + a) ( x + b)

(X+a) (x+b)=x2+(a+b)x+ab

We use this identity to factorize the expressions.

Tips for Solving Exercise 12.2 Class 8 Chapter 12 Factorisation

NCERT solutions for class 8 maths chapter 12 ex 12.2 is presented in a precise and organized manner, allowing students to gain a comprehensive understanding of each concept. To solve the questions with ease you need to follow some important tips provided by experienced teachers of eSaral.

  1. There are some important identities in ex 12.2 class 8 maths chapter 12 solutions which you must remember before solving the questions of ex 12.2. 

  2. Along with the questions in the exercises, all examples and problems must be thoroughly practiced by the students.

  3. You must also use the NCERT solutions PDF to practice the algebraic expressions.

Importance of Solving Ex 12.2 Class 8 Maths Chapter 12 Factorisation

Our subject experts of eSaral have combined some benefits of solving ex 12.2 class 8 maths chapter 12 Factorisation.

  1. All the essential questions in NCERT solutions class 8 maths chapter 12 ex 12.2 have been solved by subject experts of eSaral which provides proper understanding of concepts.

  2. Students learn how to manage their time before the exam because practicing the questions of ex 12.2 in NCERT solutions help them solve any question in a timely manner.

  3. NCERT solutions class 8 maths chapter 12 ex 1.2 includes identities based questions. Every identity associated with algebraic expressions has been elaborated in simple form to solve the exercise questions.

  4. Ex 12.2 class 8 maths solutions are solved by eSaral’s subject experts that give accurate solutions for all the questions which you can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Write the identities to factorize the expressions?

Answer 1. The identities to factorize the expressions are-

  • (a+b)2=a2+2ab+b2

  • (a-b)2=a2-2ab+b2

  • (a+b) (a-b)=a2-b2

Question 2. How many methods are included for factoring expressions?

Answer 2. There are four methods to factorize expressions in chapter 12 class 8 maths.

  1. Method of common factors

  2. Factorisation by regrouping terms

  3. Factorisation using identities

  4. Factors of the form ( x + a) ( x + b)



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