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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 3 Exercise 3.1 Understanding Quadrilaterals - PDF Download

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NCERT solutions for class 8 maths chapter 3 ex 3.1 Understanding Quadrilaterals is designed to provide students with an understanding of different polygons, including convex polygons, concave polygons, regular polygons, irregular polygons, and how to recognize them. Class 8 maths chapter 3 exercise 3.1 NCERT solutions have a total of 2 questions that are divided into  sub-parts. All the sums from first question are based on identifying the shapes and polygons while the second question is based on stating the name of regular polygons.

NCERT solutions provided by the subject experts of eSaral have solved each question of ex 3.1 carefully to help the students in practicing the questions from ex 3.1. Once you have gone through ex 3.1 NCERT solutions class 8, you will have a clear understanding of the concept. Our team of experts from eSaral have put together the solutions step by step to make it easier for students to understand. eSaral offers a range of solutions for class 8 maths exams, all of which can be downloaded for free in PDF format. These solutions can be used to achieve high marks in the exam.

Topics Covered in Exercise 3.1 Class 8 Mathematics Questions

Ex 3.1 class 8 maths chapter 3 solutions are based on the topics convex and concave polygons, regular and irregular polygons. You can check them below.


Convex and concave polygons


Regular and irregular polygons

  1. Convex and concave polygons - A simple closed curve made up of only line segments is called a polygon. 

Convex polygons are the polygons that have all the diagonals inside the figure.

Concave polygons are polygons that have some of its diagonals outside the figure.

  1. Regular and irregular polygons

Polygons which are equiangular and equilateral are referred to as regular polygons. A regular polygon is a polygon if:

  • All sides are equal.

  • All angles are equal.

Polygons which are not equiangular and equilateral are referred to as irregular polygons. 

So, the square is a regular polygon but the rectangle is not a regular polygon because rectangle has equal angles but it’s sides are not equal.

Tips for Solving Exercise 3.1 Class 8 Chapter 3 Understanding Quadrilaterals 

Our subject experts of maths have given some important tips on how to solve questions of ex 3.1. You can check these tips mentioned below.

  1. By the end of NCERT solutions class 8 maths chapter 3 ex 3.1 Understanding Quadrilaterals students will be able to classify polygons according to their shape. Visualization is very important as students can easily answer difficult questions by looking at the shape of a polygon.

  2. Students must understand the concepts of identifying the convex and concave, regular and irregular polygons to solve the questions with ease.

Importance of Solving Ex 3.1 Class 8 Maths Chapter 3 Understanding Quadrilaterals

Here are some benefits of solving questions in ex 3.1 class 8 math ch 3.

  1. NCERT solutions class 8 maths chapter 3 ex 3.1 are solved by our academic team of maths to clarify the fundamental properties and concepts of different types of quadrilaterals and their shapes.

  2. Class 8 maths chapter 3 ex 3.1 questions are presented in a comprehensible manner, allowing students to identify and solve each problem in a straightforward manner.

  3. NCERT solutions class 8 maths ex 3.1 are available in PDF format which you can download and practice all questions at your convenience.

  4. eSaral provides accurate and reliable NCERT solutions for class 8 maths ex 3.1 developed by academic experts of maths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How do the NCERT solutions are helpful in preparing for chapter 3 ex 3.1 class 8 maths?

Answer 1. NCERT solutions are presented in a comprehensive way, which will provide the students with the conceptual clarity of the topics in ex 3.1. Students can also use NCERT solutions when they are unable to solve the questions on their own.

Question 2. Where can I find the complete solutions of NCERT for class 8 maths chapter 3 ex 3.1?

Answer 2. you will get the detailed NCERT solutions  for class 8 maths chapter 3 ex 3.1 on eSaral website.


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