A car is travelling from city P to city Q, which are 350 km apart.


A car is travelling from city P to city Q, which are 350 km apart. The line graph given below describes the distances of the car from the city P at different times.

Study the above graph and answer the questions given below:
(i)     What information is given on the two axes?

(ii)    From where and when did the car begin its journey?

(iii)   How far dis the car go in the first hour?

(iv)   How far did the car go during (a) the 2nd hour and (b) the 3rd hour?

(v)    Was the speed same during first three hours? How do you know it?

(vi)   Did the car stop for some during at any place? Justify your answer.

(vii)  When did the car reach city Q?


(i) The x-axis shows the time y-axis shows the distance of the car from city P.

(ii) The car begins its journey from city P at 8:00 a.m.

(iii) The car covers 50km in first hour.

(iv) The car covers

       (a) 100 km in second hour.

       (b) 50km in third hour.

(v) No, because the distance covered per hour is not uniform.

(vi)  Yes, the car stopped during the interval 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. ,as indicated by horizontal line segment during this           period.

(vii) At 2 p.m ,the car reached at the city Q.

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