A carrier signal


A carrier signal $\mathrm{C}(\mathrm{t})=25 \sin \left(2.512 \times 10^{10} \mathrm{t}\right)$ is amplitude modulated by a message signal $\mathrm{m}(\mathrm{t})=5 \sin \left(1.57 \times 10^{8} \mathrm{t}\right)$ and transmitted through an antenna. What will be the bandwidth of the modulated signal?

  1. $8 \mathrm{GHz}$

  2. $2.01 \mathrm{GHz}$

  3. $1987.5 \mathrm{MHz}$

  4. $50 \mathrm{MHz}$

Correct Option: , 4


(4) Band width $=2 \mathrm{f}_{\mathrm{m}}$

$\omega_{\mathrm{m}}=1.57 \times 10^{8}=2 \pi \mathrm{f}_{\mathrm{m}}$

$\mathrm{BW}=2 \mathrm{f}_{\mathrm{m}}=\frac{10^{8}}{2} \mathrm{~Hz}=50 \mathrm{MHz}$

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