A certain salt X, gives the following results.


A certain salt X, gives the following results.

(i) Its aqueous solution is alkaline to litmus.

(ii) It swells up to a glassy material Y on strong heating.

(iii) When conc. H2SO4 is added to a hot solution of X, white crystal of an acid Z separates out.

Write equations for all the above reactions and identify XY and Z.


The given salt is alkaline to litmus. Therefore, X is a salt of a strong base and a weak acid. Also, when X is strongly heated, it swells to form substance Y. Therefore, X must be borax.

When borax is heated, it loses water and swells to form sodium metaborate. When heating is continued, it solidifies to form a glassy material Y. Hence, Y must be a mixture of sodium metaborate and boric anhydride.

When concentrated acid is added to borax, white crystals of orthoboric acid (Z) are formed.

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