A circuit to verify Ohm's law


A circuit to verify Ohm's law uses ammeter and voltmeter in series or parallel connected correctly to the resistor. In the circuit:

  1. ammeter is always connected series and voltmeter in parallel.

  2. Both, ammeter and voltmeter mast be connected in series.

  3. Both ammeter and voltmeter must be connected in parallel.

  4. ammeter is always used in parallel and voltmeter is series.

Correct Option: 1



Option (1) is correct

Ammeter :- In series connection, the same current flows through all the components. It aims at measuring the curent flowing through the circuit and hence, it is connected in series.

Voltmeter :- A voltmeter measures voltage change between two points in a circuit, So we have to place the voltmeter in parallal with the circuit component.

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