A covered wooden box has the inner


A covered wooden box has the inner measures as 115 cm, 75 cm and 35 cm and thickness of wood as 2.5 cm. The volume of the wood is

(a) 85,000 cm3 

(b) 80,000 cm3 

(c) 82,125 cm3 

(d) 84,000 cm3


The correct answer is option (c) 82,125 cm3


The thickness of the wooden box is 2.5 cm

Then the outer measure of the wooden box be 115+5, 75+5, 35+5

Thus, the outer volume be = (120)(80)(40)

Outer volume = 384000 cm3

Given that, the inner volume = (115)(80)(40)

Inner volume = 301875 cm3

Hence, the volume of a wood = Outer volume – Inner volume

V = 384000 – 301875 cm3

V= 82125 cm3

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