A village, having a population of 4000,

Question. A village, having a population of 4000 , requires 150 litres of water per head per day. It has a tank measuring $20 \mathrm{~m} \times 15 \mathrm{~m} \times 6 \mathrm{~m}$. For how many days will the water of this tank last?


The given tank is cuboidal in shape having its length (l) as 20 m, breadth (b) as 15 m, and height (h) as 6 m.

Capacity of tank $=1 \times b \times h$

$=(20 \times 15 \times 6) \mathrm{m}^{3}=1800 \mathrm{~m}^{3}=1800000$ litres

Water consumed by the people of the village in 1 day $=(4000 \times 150)$ litres

= 600000 litres

Let water in this tank last for n days.

Water consumed by all people of village in n days = Capacity of tank

$n \times 600000=1800000$


Therefore, the water of this tank will last for 3 days.

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