An adult weighing 600 N raises the centre


An adult weighing 600 N raises the centre of gravity of his body by 0.25 m while taking each step of 1 m length in jogging. If he jogs for 6 km, calculate the energy utilized by him in jogging assuming that there is no energy loss due to friction of ground and air. Assuming that the body of the adult is capable of converting 10% of energy intake in the form of food, calculate the energy equivalents of food that would be required to compensate energy utilized for jogging.


The energy used up is given as = mgh

mg = 600 N

h = 0.25m

No.of steps in 6 km = 6000 steps

Energy used in 6000 m = (6000)(600)(0.25)J

Energy utilized in jogging = 9 × 104 J

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