An aeroplane covers 1020 km in an hour.


An aeroplane covers $1020 \mathrm{~km}$ in an hour. How much distance will it cover in $4 \frac{1}{6}$ hours?


Distance covered by the aeroplane in $4 \frac{1}{6}$ hours $=4 \frac{1}{6} \times 1020$

$=\left(4+\frac{1}{6}\right) \times 1020$

$=\frac{25}{6} \times 1020$

$=\frac{25}{6} \times \frac{1020}{1}$

$=\frac{25 \times 1020}{6 \times 1}$


$=4250 \mathrm{~km}$

Therefore, the distance covered by the aeroplane is $4250 \mathrm{~km}$.

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