As a part of eco-club activity,


As a part of eco-club activity, students were asked to raise a kitchen garden in the school premises. They were provided with some materials

given in the box. List the other materials you would require. How will you plan the garden? Write the steps.

Khurpi, water-can, spade, shovel


Besides the given tools, the other items required for raising a garden are seeds and seedling of vegetables, plants from nursery, kitchen waste,

manure, water, soil.

Steps for raising the garden:

  1. Kitchen waste will be collected and composted in a pit.
  2. A patch of land will be identified for the garden, with adequate sunlight available.
  3. Soil will be dug up and levelled with the help of a spade.
  4. Sowing of seeds/ transplanting of seedlings will be done. Seeds should be uniformly placed with adequate spacing,
  5. Select seeds/seedlings as per the season. Water the plants regularly with a water-can.
  6. Compost will be applied.
  7. Weeds will be removed periodically with the help of khurpi.

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