Consider a Carnot’s cycle operating between


Consider a Carnot’s cycle operating between T1 = 500K and T2 = 300K producing 1 kJ of mechanical work per cycle. Find the heat transferred to the engine by the reservoirs.



Temperature of the source, T1 = 500 K

Temperature of the sink, T2 = 300 K

Work done per cycle, W = 1 kJ = 1000 J

Heat transferred to the engine per cycle, Q1 =?

Efficiency of a Carnot engine


$\eta=\frac{W}{Q_{1}} \Rightarrow Q_{1}=\frac{W}{\eta}=2500 \mathrm{~J}$

$Q_{1}-Q_{2}=W, Q_{2}=Q_{1}-W$

= 2500 J – 1000 J = 1500 J

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