Consider a one-dimensional motion


Consider a one-dimensional motion of a particle with total energy E. There are four regions A, B, C, and D in which the relation between potential energy V,

kinetic energy (K) and total energy is as given below:

Region A: V > E

Region B: V < E

Region C: K > E

Region D: V > K

State with reason in each case whether a particle can be found in the given region or not.


For region A, E = V + K and V > E which means that the KE is negative and this is not possible.

For region B, K = E – V and V < E which means that both the energies are greater than zero

For region C, V = E – K and K > E which means that PE is negative

For region D, K = E – V and V > K which means that PE is greater than KE

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