Consider three boxes,


Consider three boxes, each containing 10 balls labelled $1,2, \ldots, 10$. Suppose one ball is randomly drawn from each of the boxes. Denote by $\mathrm{n}_{\mathrm{i}}$, the label of the ball drawn from the $\mathrm{i}^{\text {th }}$ box, $(\mathrm{i}=1,2,3)$. Then, the number of ways in which the balls can be chosen such that $\mathrm{n}_{1}<\mathrm{n}_{2}<\mathrm{n}_{3}$ is :

  1. 82

  2. 240

  3. 164

  4. 120

Correct Option: , 4


No. of ways $=10 C_{3}=120$

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