Dihydrogen reacts with dioxygen (O2) to form water.


Dihydrogen reacts with dioxygen (O2) to form water. Write the name and formula of the product when the isotope of hydrogen which has one proton and one neutron in its nucleus is treated with oxygen. Will the reactivity of both the isotopes be the same towards oxygen? Justify your answer.


Hydrogen has three isotopes – Protium (1H1), Deuterium (2H1), Tritium (3H1). The number of neutrons is the reason why these isotopes differ from each other despite having the same atomic number.

When deuterium reacts with oxygen, deuterium oxide which is heavy water (D2O), is produced.

The D – D bond is stronger than H-H bond, therefore, H2 is more reactive than D2 towards reaction with oxygen. So, they would not have the same reactivity.

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