Draw an angle of 110° with the help


Draw an angle of 110° with the help of a protractor and bisect it. Measure , each angle.


Draw ∠BXA = 110° with the help of a protractor. Now, we use the following steps for required construction

  1. Taking X as centre and any radius daw an arc to Intersect the rays XA and XB, say at E and D, respectively.
  2. Taking D and E as centres and with the radius more than ½ DE, draw arcs to intersect
    each other, say at F.
  3. Draw the ray XF.
    Thus, ray XF is the required bisector of the angle B X A. On measuring each angle, we get
    ∠BXC = ∠AXC = 55°.
    [∴ ∠BXC = ∠AXC = ½ ∠BXA = ½ x 110° = 55° ]

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