Electromagnetic waves with wavelength


Electromagnetic waves with wavelength

(i) λ1 is used in satellite communication

(ii) λ2 is used to kill germs in water purifies

(iii) λ3 is used to detect leakage of oil in underground pipelines

(iv) λ4 is used to improve visibility in runaways during fog and mist conditions

(a) identify and name the part of the electromagnetic spectrum to which these radiations belong

(b) arrange these wavelengths in ascending order of their magnitude

(c) write one more application of each



(i) λ1 is a microwave which is used in satellite communication.

(ii) λ2 is UV rays which is used in a water purifier for killing germs.

(iii) λ3 is X-rays which is used in improving the visibility.

(b) λ3 < λ2 < λ4 < λ1

(c) Gamma rays are used in nuclear structures

X rays are used in medical diagnosis

UV rays are used in the preservation of food

Visible light is used to see objects

Infrared rays are used to take photography

Microwave and radio waves are used in telecommunication

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