Explain the following by giving examples

Explain the following by giving examples

(a) Saturated solution

(b) Pure substance

(c) Colloid

(d) Suspension

(a) At any particular temperature, a solution that has dissolved as much solute as it is capable of dissolving is said to be a saturated solution. Few examples of saturated solutions are soft drinks and nitrogen in Earth's soil.

(b) A pure substance is one that cannot be separated into different constituents by physical or chemical processes. A pure substance is one that contains particles of only one type of a substance. Pure substance can be elements or compounds. Some examples of pure substances are iron, water, oxygen, etc.

(c) Colloids are heterogeneous mixtures in which the particle size is too small to be seen with the naked eye, but is big enough to scatter light. Smoke, paint, butter are few examples of colloids.

(d) Materials that are insoluble in a solvent and have particles that are visible to naked eyes form a suspension. A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture. Some examples of suspension are water with chalk particles, sandy water and water with stones. [solution/]

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