Fex2 and Fey3 are known when x and y are :


$\mathrm{Fex}_{2}$ and $\mathrm{Fey}_{3}$ are known when $\mathrm{x}$ and $\mathrm{y}$ are

  1. $\mathrm{x}=\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}, \mathrm{I}$ and $\mathrm{y}=\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}$

  2. $\mathrm{x}=\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}$ and $\mathrm{y}=\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}, \mathrm{I}$

  3. $\mathrm{x}=\mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}, \mathrm{I}$ and $\mathrm{y}=\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}, \mathrm{I}$

  4. $\mathrm{x}=\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}, \mathrm{I}$ and $\mathrm{y}=\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{Br}, \mathrm{I}$

Correct Option: 1


$\underset{\text { (Unstable) }}{2 \mathrm{FeI}_{3}} \longrightarrow \underset{\text { (Stable) }}{2 \mathrm{FeI}_{2}}+\mathrm{I}_{2}$

Due to strong reducing nature of $\Gamma$

$2 \mathrm{Fe}^{3+}+2 \mathrm{I}^{-} \longrightarrow 2 \mathrm{Fe}^{2+}+\mathrm{I}_{2}$

remaining halides of $\mathrm{Fe}^{2+} \& \mathrm{Fe}^{3+}$ are stable.

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