Fill in the blanks:


Fill in the blanks:

(i) All points lying inside/outside a circle are called ______ points/_______ points.

(ii) Circle having the same centre and different radii are called _____ circles.

(iii) A point whose distance from the center of a circle is greater than its radius lies in _________ of the circle.

(iv) A continuous piece of a circle is _______ of the circle.

(v) The longest chord of a circle is a ____________ of the circle.

(vi) An arc is a __________ when its ends are the ends of a diameter.

(vii) Segment of a circle is a region between an arc and _______ of the circle.

(viii) A circle divides the plane, on which it lies, in _________ parts.


(i) Interior/Exterior

(ii) Concentric

(iii) The Exterior

(iv) Arc

(v) Diameter

(vi) Semi circle

(vii) Center

(viii) Three

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