Fill in the blanks:


Fill in the blanks:

(i) $A=P\left(1+\frac{\ldots \ldots \ldots}{100}\right)^{n}$.

(ii) (Amount) - (Principal) = .........

(iii) If the value of a machine is Rs P and it depreciates at R% per annum, then its value after 2 years is .........

(iv) If the population P of a town increases at R% per annum, then its population after 5 years is .........


(i) $A=P\left(1+\frac{R}{100}\right)^{n}$

(ii) Compound interest

(iii) $A=P\left(1-\frac{R}{100}\right)^{2}$, where $A$ is the value of the machine after 2 years

(iv) $A=P\left(1+\frac{R}{100}\right)^{5}$, where $A$ is the population of the town after 5 years

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