Find the cost of


Find the cost of $3 \frac{2}{5}$ metres of cloth at Rs $63 \frac{3}{4}$ per metre.


Cost of $1 \mathrm{~m}$ of cloth $=₹ 63 \frac{3}{4}$

So, cost of $3 \frac{2}{5} \mathrm{~m}$ of cloth

$=63 \frac{3}{4} \times 3 \frac{2}{5}$

$=\frac{255}{4} \times \frac{17}{5}$

$=₹ 216 \frac{3}{4}$

So, the cost of $3 \frac{2}{5} \mathrm{~m}$ of cloth is ₹ $216 \frac{3}{4}$.

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