Find the missing frequencies in the following


Find the missing frequencies in the following frequency distribution table, if N = 100 and median is 32.


We have to find the missing term of the following distribution table if $N=100$ and median is 32 .

Suppose the missing term are x and y.

Now we have to find the cumulative frequency as

From the above distribution median class is 30-40 and








$\Rightarrow x+y=25$.........(1)

Now we are using the following relation

median $=l+\frac{\frac{N}{2}-C}{f} \times h$

$\Rightarrow 32=30+\frac{\frac{100}{2}-(35+x)}{30} \times 10$

$\Rightarrow 96=90+50-35-x$

$\Rightarrow x=9$

Now we are putting the value of x in the equation (1), we get


$\Rightarrow y=16$

Hence the missing terms are 

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