Find the product


Find the product 24x2 (1 − 2x) and evaluate its value for x = 3.


To find the product, we will use distributive law as follows:

$24 x^{2}(1-2 x)$

$=24 x^{2} \times 1-24 x^{2} \times 2 x$

$=24 x^{2}-48 x^{1+2}$

$=24 x^{2}-48 x^{3}$

Substituting  x = 3 in the result, we get:

$24 x^{2}-48 x^{3}$


$=24 \times 9-48 \times 27$



Thus, the product is $\left(24 x^{2}-48 x^{3}\right)$ and its value for $x=3$ is $(-1080)$.


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