Find the value of


Find the value of

$\tan \left(-300^{\circ}\right)$



To find: Value of tan (-300°)

We have,

$\tan \left(-300^{\circ}\right)=-\tan \left(300^{\circ}\right)$

${[\because \tan (-\theta)=-\tan \theta] }$

$=-\tan \left[90^{\circ} \times 3+30^{\circ}\right]$

Clearly, $300^{\circ}$ is in IV $^{\text {th }}$ Quadrant and the multiple of $90^{\circ}$ is odd

$=-\cot 30^{\circ}$

$=-\sqrt{3}\left[\because \cot 30^{\circ}=\sqrt{3}\right]$


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