Flow does fertilization take place ?


Flow does fertilization take place ? Fertilization occurs once in a month. Comment.


In human beings, fertilization is internal. It can occur within 2-3 days of ovulation (between 14th and 16th day of menstrual cycle). Fertilization

generally takes place in ampulla (ampulla-isthmus border) part of fallopian tube where ovum rests for several hours after entry into oviduct. The

sperms have to reach there. Sperms deposited in the vagina reach there partly by their own movement and partly by local movements of

reproductive tract. Both sperms and eggs are viable for 24-48 hours. A sperm reaching the surface of ovum, dissolves its covering and passes its

head and middle part into it. It results in fertilization and formation of zygote.

Fertilization only once in a Month. A single ovum is released by female roughly in the middle of menstrual cycle which has a span of 4 weeks.

Therefore, fertilization can occur only once in a month.

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