For discussion Despite being one of the growing economies,


For discussion

Despite being one of the growing economies, our country still has a large section of population going hungry and malnourished. Do you

think an efficient crop production mechanism is the only solution to this? Discuss in the class what else needs to be done to root out

hunger and malnutrition from our country.


India, a growing economy with agriculture is a main contributor in its growth.

Agriculture is science of cultivating plants, animals and other life forms for food and other sources, Despite large production of crops by

agricultural practices, people still go hungry and malnourished. This happens because of inefficient crop production and management.

In India, an increase in production of food grains has been observed from 1960 to 2004. With efficient management, the crop production can be

enhanced and improved to feed the country’s poor.

A few steps in this direction can be:

  1. Selection of high field seeds for planting The seeds with increased yield and reduced growth period.
  2. Management of crop production The financial aspects of agriculture should be made more approachable to farmers at all levels.
  3. Information regarding Use of chemicals, manures, cropping patterns, nutrient quality and irrigation facilities should be discussed and propagated among farmers.
  4. Protection of crops The agricultural produce should be shared efficiently to reduce the microbial, pest or other organisms from infesting the produce.Pest and weed control measers should be adopted.

A large amount of crops get spoiled during storage by different living and non-living factors.

Living factors include rodents, microbes and insects.

Non-living factors are moisture, temperature and hygiene of storage place.

Keeping these factors in mind, we can reduce the economic losses, increase the marketability and feed the country’s poor.

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