For octahedral Mn (II) and tetrahedral Ni (II) complexes,


For octahedral $\mathrm{Mn}$ (II) and tetrahedral $\mathrm{Ni}$ (II) complexes, consider the following statements :

(I) both the complexes can be high spin.

(II) $\mathrm{Ni}$ (II) complex can very rarely below spin.

(III) with strong field ligands, Mn(II) complexes can be low spin.

(IV) aqueous solution of $\mathrm{Mn}$ (II) ions is yellow in color.

The correct statements are :

  1. (I) and (II) only

  2. (I), (III) and (IV) only

  3. (I), (II) and (III) only

  4. (II), (III) and (IV) only

Correct Option: , 3


 With weak field ligands $\mathrm{Mn}$ (II) will be of high spin and with strong field ligands it will be of low spin. $\mathrm{Ni}$ (II) tetrahedral complexes will be generally of high spin due to $s p^{3}$ hybridisation. Mn(II) is of light pink colour in aqueous solution.

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